March 13, 2023 | A date ripe for more bank collapses following Silvergate & SVB

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March 13, 2023 will be the 10 year anniversary of Pope Francis
March 13, 72nd day of year
Jesuit Order = 72

There is a concern about a banking collapse following SVB going down.
Collapse = 133 (13/3)
Money = 72
Bitcoin = 72

Let us not forget Silvergate went down on March 8 because it was too heavily invested in crypto, and the ripple effect from that impacted the tech heavy bank, Silicon Valley Bank.
Collapse = 83 (8/3 date)

It is a reminder that SVB began to collapse March 9, on the Pope’s 83rd day of his age, and it fully collapsed on March 10, 83 days after the Pope’s birthday.

As we covered, SVB’s collapse began on 3/9, 39 years after the bank was established, and trading on the stock was stopped when it fell to $39.27.
Bank Collapse = 39

Monday, March 13, will be 167 days after September 27, the Jesuit recognition date.
167, 39th prime
3/13/23 = 3+13+23 = 39

Once again, the SVB collapse came 144 days after the bank’s 39th birthday. And that was just three days before March 13, the 72nd day of the year. Making matters even more interesting, that date will be 153 months and 19 days after (Chaos = 19) after the first Bitcoin trade.

As for number 54, Silvergate went down on 54 date numerology, March 8, 2023.
3/8/2023 = 3+8+20+23 = 54

That date, 8/3, was right for collapse.

Crypto = 29 (Very down at this moment in history)

Also, once again, March 13, 2023 is “Old Dominion’s” 93rd birthday.

Read about Old Dominion player’s collapse here. It’s relevant because it happened right after Damar Hamlin, and both men after March 24 birthday, the 83rd day of the year. They also both wore #3, and here we are in the third month.

Read about the March 10, 2023 SVB collapse coming on the 23 year anniversary of the .com bubble bursting, March 10, 2000.

Also, keep in mind that March 13 will be 86 days after Pope Francis’s 86th birthday, a number that is connected to termination and destruction throughout history. Also, notice the relationship with 86 and 103, and here we are, right after the 10/3 collapse of SVB.

March 15, or 15/3, the Ides of March, will also be 88 days after the Pope’s birthday.
Banks = 88
Chaos = 89 (89th day of his age)

It goes with Satoshi Nakomoto being 47 years old at the moment.

Read more about Silvergate collapse here.

Read more about SVB collapse here.

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