The Epic Water Breaking Ritual of Berlin, Germany

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On December 16th, 2022 one of the world’s largest aquarium tanks spontaneously collapsed. The AquaDom & Sea Life Centre in Berlin, Germany, is the world’s largest freestanding cylindrical aquarium that located in the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel.

High esoteric ritual is performed in the guise of news events and happenstance. This occurred in Germany which is the birthplace of the Bavarian branch of the Illuminati as well as Skull and Bones, known originally as the Brotherhood of Death in German.

One million liters or 265,000 gallons spilled killing all of its 1,500 exotic fish. The ritual theme here is apparent especially given the fact that this particular theme has been the most prevalent occulted narrative world wide: BIRTH.

Birth begins with water breaking. This is the most apparent aspect of the ritual.

This aquarium explosion and water breaking happened at the time of the World Cup (of football / soccer ) third-place game and grand finale which ere on December 17th and 18th respectively.

As I have discussed earlier the birthing theme was as conspicuous as it could ever be with a stadium: the Al Janoub Stadium designed clearly after a female generative organ in the process of birthing.

This came in a year when the United States Supreme Court first leaked a draft opinion to repeal the Roe vs Wade abortion rights law. The water and birth theme is evident there: Roe and Wade are two means of moving through water:

row as in row a boat and wade as in walk through high water.

The draft opinion was reported to have bee “LEAKED” which is a water reference.

Repealing a law banning abortion increases births, so this was a pro-birth action. Roe vs Wade abortion law was eventually formally repealed June 24th, 2022 which is the nativity date of John the Baptist. When one is baptized one is said to be being born again. It is a form of rebirth.

Baptism also involves water.

The most celebrated pregnancy and birth outside of a British royal has been actress/singer Rihanna who gave birth to a boy reportedly on May 13th, 2022.

Rihanna will be headlining the next Super Bowl Half Time Show which will be Super Bowl LVII. 57 is a major birth code number. “BIRTH” equals 57 in gematria.



The most famous birth is done by “MARY”

who is the “MOTHER OF JESUS”.

A birth is a “NEW BEGINNING”

and a “START”.

On May 2nd, 2022 a marble statue of a pregnant Rihanna was unveiled at the annual Met Gala in New York City. May 2nd is 5-2 or 2nd May 2-5. 52 and 25 are key code numbers to this ritual theme that should manifest in the epic water breaking ritual of Berlin, Germany.

In gematria “FLUID” equals 25 and 52.

“FLOOD” equals 25 and 52.

“FERTILITY” equals 52

Rihanna the great birth symbol will be starring in Super Bowl LVII. 57 is the greatest “birth” code number. Roman numerals LVII have gematria value of 52 and 25.

The word “BUMP” is slang for a pregnancy.

“BUMP” has a value of 52.

A little over 4 months out from the Super Bowl Rihanna sported a silver football jersey with the number 25 on it.

Silver is associated with the Moon. The Moon is related to female fertility since it determines monthly cycles. “MOON” has the birth number code value of 57.

Rihanna is a Pisces zodiac sign. The ruling planet of the sign of Pisces is Neptune. The god Neptune rules the realm of the sea and rivers. At the time of the Aqua Dom explosion – on December 16th, 2022 in Berlin, Germany at 5:45 a.m. The Moon and planet Neptune were in an almost perfect alignment: in opposition either side of planet Earth.

Neptune was “at home” in the sign the it rules: Pisces, Rihanna’s sign. The symbol of Pisces is fish. 1,500 exotic fish died in the aquarium burst.


French astronomer Urbain Le Verrier discovered the existence of a planet that would later be identified as Neptune. In gematria his name “Urbain Le Verrier” equals 228.

From the date of the leak of the draft opinion to repeal Roe vWade; the same day that a pregnant Rihanna marble statue was unveiled at the Met Gala: May 2nd, 2022, to the Berlin aquarium burst is a period of 228 days.

Le Verrier means “the glass maker”.

Rihanna’s last name “FENTY” has a value of 25.

From the aquarium tank burst on December 16th, 2022 to Rihanna’s next birthday on February 20th, 2023 is a 2 months, 5 day span for another 25.

World wide media images of the aftermath came from an alleged hotel patron named “LARISSA”.

The name “LARISSA” has value of 25.

The Aqua Dom was in Berlin, Germany which is on the 52nd parallel North.

The Aqua Dom was 25 meters tall in total.

The tank itself was actually 52 feet tall sitting on a 30 foot base.

In gematria “AQUARIUM” has a value of 52.


67 is a key number that should manifest in a ritual of this nature. It is the gematria value of “WATER”.

From the date of the tank burst on December 16th, 2022 to Rihanna’s next birthday on February 20th, 2022 is a span of 67 days.


The birth of a child is preceded by the mother’s “water breaking”.

In gematria “WATER BREAKING” has a value of 82.

“BABY BUMP” sums to 82 in gematria.

The Aqua Dom was a total of 82 feet in height.

Rihanna will take the grand stage at the Super Bowl.

From the December 16th, 2022 date of the aquarium burst to Super Bowl LVII on February 12th, 2023 is 8 weeks, 2 days.

“WATER BREAKING” has value of 217.

From the birth of Rihanna’s son on May 13th, 2022 to the December 16th, 2022 tank burst is a period of 217 days.


The most famous mother is Mary who is said to have given birth to Jesus.

The nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is observed on September 8th.

The highest profile hotel patron at the time of the tank burst was a member of the German parliament Bundestag Sandra Wesser.

Sandra Weeser was born on the day of the celebration of the nativity of the Virgin Mary: September 8th.

“BLESSED VIRGIN MARY” sums to 202 in gematria like the date 20th February which is Rihanna’s birthday.

“BLACK MADONNA” also has a value of 202.

The birth of Jesus is believed by many to have occurred on September 11th.

When you spell out “SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH” it has a value of 265.

265,000 gallons of water are said to have poured out of the tank after the explosion.

Remember that the twin towers destroyed on 911 had the tridents of Neptune in their design.


  1. David G. Olsen on January 18, 2023 at 8:34 pm

    AquaDom “exploded” 12-16-2022, exactly 49 years after OJ Simpson set a single season rushing record with 2003 yards while playing for the Buffalo Bills. AquaDom opened in 2003. The following day the Bills were playing the Miami Dolphins (“The Fish”) in Buffalo. It was emphasized that snow was expected (“Fish out of water”). It was Pope Francis’ birthday, the first day of Saturnalia on a Saturday, etc. The Bills were just able to eek out a 3 point win after game was tied 29-29 (Saturn year is 29 earth years) Then 14 days later on the last day of 2022, Pope Benedict XVI died. He died 153 days after the end of the Ignatian Year (John 22, miraculous catch). Ignatius means fire and his motto was “set the world on fire.” Benedict was born in the year of the Fire Rabbit and he died 23 days before the beginning of the Year of the Water Rabbit of 2023. Pope Benedict was the 265th Pope. 265/153 is the ratio of the length to the width of the “Vesica Piscis” section between overlapping circles. It is a near approximation of √3. A span of 3 days after Pope Benedict came the Damar Hamlin cardiac event. Heart=52. Benedict’s birth name was Joseph Ratzinger of Germany. In the story “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” the original problem was rats. So they hired a “Rat-singer” to get rid of them. Hamelin Germany, like Berlin is at 52° N. It reminds of SB52 won by the Philadelphia Eagles. The emblem of John the Evangelist is the Eagle. He wrote about the “miraculous catch” and the Church of Philadelphia. Damar Hamlin was raised (a Master Mason?) three days after his collapse. On the first day of the Year of the Water Rabbit the Bills have a chance to get to 15-3 against the Bengals in a sort of rematch of the “Hamlin game.” I wouldn’t bet against Yeshua Allen #17 (153, 17th T#) in that one. 265/153 =√3 = 1.73. If the Bills win out and take SB57 they will be 17-3. Rabbit =52 and is a fertility symbol and so on…

  2. Slava on January 19, 2023 at 5:06 am

    The WTC building had 19 tridents, with the trident having three beams in each. A total of 19*3=57 rays. Four sides with 57 rays is 228 rays.

  3. wrb on January 19, 2023 at 5:25 am

    Hey Rambo
    Awesome! So the key to the Super Bowl is obviously LONDON BREED born Aug.11 1974
    Will be 17,717 days old for the 117 ritual
    Cheers WB

  4. wrb on January 19, 2023 at 5:28 am

    ….to breed….like rabbits!
    Breed = 96(J)

  5. Slava on January 19, 2023 at 5:36 am

    On January 15, a plane crashed in Pokhara, Nepal, killing 72 people, including 57 Nepalis. This is the biggest crash since March 12, 2018, when 51 of 71 people died.
    The Miss Universe 2022 pageant was held on January 14 in New Orleans (the 71st pageant in a row). At the Miss Nepal pageant, Sophia Bhujel was dressed as Shakti, wife of the god Shiva, with a trident – this is the day before the disaster in Nepal.
    “Poseidon” = 119 (Reverse)
    The analogue in Sumero-Akkadian mythology is Enki, but his father Anu had the trident attribute
    “TRIDENT OF ANU” = 177 (Reverse)
    There are 1770 days between the dates of the two catastrophes.
    Dailymail tells about the dead Russian 33-year-old blogger Elena Banduro.
    Elena Banduro = 119 (Russian Ordinal)
    * Елена Бандуро = 119 (рус. Ordinal)
    “Pokhara” = 119 (Reverse)
    Also on the same day, January 15, Dailymail had an article about a 28-year-old girl in London being mauled by a dog named Shiva. In that article there are references to the coordinates of the disaster in Nepal.

    The plane was flying to a new airport that opened on January 1. Yeti Airlines.
    Miss Nepal was born Jan. 1 and won the pageant in her home country, which was held at the Yak and Yeti Hotel.
    One of the meanings of Yeti is Himalayan bear. The root of the word bear has the meaning “wear,” “burden,” “pregnancy” (Indo-European bher).
    Lucifer – Old English Lucifer “Satan,” also “morning star, Venus in the morning sky before sunrise,” also an epithet or name of Diana, from Latin Lucifer “morning star,” noun use of adjective, literally “light-bringing,” from lux (genitive lucis) “light” (from PIE root *leuk- “light, brightness”) + ferre “to carry, bear,” from PIE root *bher- (1) “to carry,” also “to bear children. Venus in the evening sky was Hesperus.
    For a better understanding, I suggest paying attention to the constellation of the Ursa Major, the bear.

    The wiki about Miss Nepal states:
    Her social advocacy is Project RED which is about providing the underprivileged communities and others in Nepal free access to period and menstruation products.
    “Project RED” = 57 (Reverse Reduction) which involves Miss Nepal, who walked out with a trident at the Miss Universe pageant
    “Project RED” = 156 (Reverse) and 911 is the 156th prime number.
    “Project RED” = 114 (Ordinal) – January 14, when the 71st Miss Universe pageant was held.

    May 1, 2011 – Operation Neptune’s Spear to eliminate al-Qaeda terrorist organization leader Osama bin Laden, 611 weeks between dates. “Al-Qaeda” is also the name of one of the stars in the constellation of the Ursa Major.

    Trident (119) of Shiva, between two major accidents 1770 days as TRIDENT OF ANU = 177, 57 Nepalese dead, Yeti (Himalayan bear – birth) airlines, etc.

  6. AssholeCast on February 11, 2023 at 3:17 pm

    Needs an update. Rihanna’s superbowl commercial has her dressed in a coat that looks like a chicken and the spotlight behind her looks like an egg, also eagles lay eggs.

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