New York, the Yankees, George Washington and St. Peter’s Cross

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The recent (December 21st, 2022) historic signing of Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees, the winningest franchise in all of American professional sports — to a $360 million 9-year contract was part of a historic esoteric thread that seems to govern the universe.

It also brought to light the significant connection of George Washington, first President of the United States to New York and how he has been honored in New York rituals. George Washington was of course the leader of the United States at the time that it gained independence from Great Britain on July 4th, 1776.

Washington was inaugurated as President in New York City which was the location of several significant battles during the Revolutionary War. One of the locations of significant victories — and his worst defeat — is Fort Washington which is the location of the present day neighborhood of Washington Heights.

Washington Heights neighborhood is at the East end; the Manhattan, New York City end of the George Washington Bridge. So multiple New York City landmarks named after George Washington.

The Yankees’ first home stadium Hilltop Park in New York was in Washington Heights.

The Yankees’ current home stadium Yankee Stadium is close to the George Washington Bridge; a 6 minute drive non-rush hour.

So the New York Yankees are very closely esoterically aligned with George Washington who actually is a demigod figure to American Freemasons.

The current New York Yankees President is Randy Levine.

Randy Levine was born on February 22nd, 1955.

George Washington was born on February 22nd, 1732.

In astrology Pluto is of primary importance since it has the outer-most orbit. When Pluto completes a full revolution and returns to the astrological location that it occupied on a specific date in history, this is considered a uniquely significant moment usually marked by epic change.

The United States experienced its Pluto return on February 22nd, 2022 which was also New York Yankees President Randy Levine’s 67th birthday.

67 is significant here because George Washington died at age 67, or you could say that he lived to age 67.

Randy Levine attended George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is one of the Illuminati/Jesuit world capitals as is New York City. 911 is the single phenomenon that most unites New York City with Washington D.C. which is named after George Washington.

The George Washington Bridge is 119 feet in width. 119 like 11th September.

The next baseball World Series will be the 119th edition.

The George Washington Bridge was part of a 911 ritual in 2013 with the so-called “Fort Lee lane closure scandal”. Fort Lee, New Jersey is the town on the Western end of the George Washington Bridge. Then New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was involved in lane-closings on the George Washington Bridge that lead to massive traffic back-up in the town of Fort Lee, from September 9th, 2013 through to September 13th.


67 is a crucial number to Catholicism, Jesuitism and esoterica.

Catholics and the Jesuit Order venerate Saint Peter. St. Peter has a unique cross: the upside-down cross. This is because St. Peter is said to have bee crucified upside-down.

For this reason St. Peter is associated with The Hanged Man tarot card which depicts a man suspended upside-down as St. Peter is.

In gematria “HANGD MAN” has a value of 67.

Remember that Randy Levine has the same February 22nd birthday as George Washington and turned 67 at his most recent birthday which coincided with the Pluto Return of the United States.

Washington Heights in New York City is home to firefighter Engine Company 67.

The Western end of the George Washington Bridge is the town of Fort Lee, New Jersey which contains the entirety of Route 67.

The Hanged Man and St. Peter are suspended upside-down. The George Washington Bridge is a suspension bridge.

In gematria “SUSPENSION” sums to 119.


201 is a signature number of the Jesuit Order. The very first openly Jesuit Pope: Francis bucked the conventional papal apartments for Suite 201 in the Vatican guest house.

Suite 201 is in a building called “Domus Sanctae Marthae” which has gematria value of 201.

“The Jesuit Order” sums to 201.

“Jorge Mario Bergoglio” and the name of the Jesuit Order founder “Ignatius of Loyola” sum to 201.

The upside-down cross is a Jesuit symbol. In gematria “UPSIDE DOWN CROSS” has a value of 201.

The year of the United States’ Pluto return and Randy Levine’s 67th birthday on February 22nd; a birthday shared by George Washington, George Washington University turned 201 years old.

Feast of St. Peter’s Chair.

February 22nd is also significant as the Feast of St. Peter’s Chair.


The number 187 brings all the ritual elements together. “GEORGE WASHINGTON” sums to 187.

“SOCIETY OF JESUS” also sums to 187 as does “WINTER SOLSTICE” which was the date on which Randy Levine held the press conference to announce Aaron Judge’s Yankee captaincy and new contract.

St. Peter’s Cross and The Hanged Man also represent The Mutable Cross of the tropical zodiac made up of Gemini-Sagittarius on one axis, and Pisces-Virgo on the intersecting axis.

George Washington’s Birthday, Randy Levine’s birthday, the 2022 Pluto Return of the United States, the Feast of St. Peter’s Chair all accurate on February 22nd, a date in Pisces and part of the upside-down St. Peter’s Cross.

Then-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, born September 6th, responsible for the George Washington Bridgate scandal is a Virgo and part of St. Peter’s Cross.

The most famous suspension bridge the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, was opened on a date in Gemini and part of the Mutable/St. Peter’s Cross.


  1. Den Mun on January 26, 2023 at 7:48 am

    I didn’t know Rambo wrote pieces hosted here on Zach’s site, as I tend to mostly tune in YT. I’ve got some reading to do, as no one is dissecting these rituals like Rambo/The Truth Codes. The astrological components + the inclusion of thematic correlations never ceases to blow my mind each and every time.

    I have nothing of substance to add here, other than an anecdote…. growing up my father did work for the Port Authority which included the offices of the George Washington Bridge. I distinctly remember him telling me of workers there sharing “ghost stories” and other “haunting” events that occurred which always stuck with me. I can recall visceral feelings of dread and unease while crossing (something I did many, many times as a younger man).

  2. Sshev on January 26, 2023 at 10:29 am

    The Feast of St. Peter’s Chair = 266
    Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266 Jesuit motto
    The Holy Roman Empire = 266

  3. TerminalReality on January 28, 2023 at 8:01 pm

    Russians call St. petersburg just peter, heard it many times, its tribute to when rothchilds replaced king peter the first with their look-a-like stooge during supposed visit to germany firs documented hidden takeover of russia. {off note- Dicaprio plays the role in the movie where hes wearing metal mask and spends all his live in jail cell}
    {while back when ‘they’ owned pigeon postal farms}

    Also halina hutchins… name Halina mostly writes Galina and sweet name for it is golubka- a femaile pigeon
    (columb-ia, golub —its all in the hum) pigeon the bird is the target.
    …columbus found the land ‘supposedly’, …Columbia Pictures etc etc

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