Celebrity Entertainment History Jesuit Murder by Numbers

In the TV show ‘Three’s Company‘, the main characters live in Apartment 201. That show ran from March 15, 1977, to September 18, 1984, ending in ’84. As you know, ‘Jesuit’ equates to 84 and ‘The Jesuit Order’ equates to 201.


Consider it ended 18/9, like 189.

And consider it began on the Ides of March, 15/3, like 153.

And let us not overlook that those dates are 187 days apart.

Three = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56 / 187 *John Ritter = 56

John Ritter, of the same show, died at age 54, on September 11, 2003.

56. Three = 20+8+18+5+5 = 56


Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News
1+11+20+21 = 53 *The Bye Bye Man = 53

Not only are they dead at 56, she is dead 46 weeks and days after her birthday.

*Sacrifice = 46 **The Bye Bye Man = 199 (46th prime)

*Stacy Title = 64 *Kill = 64 *Born in ’64

*Lou Gehrig’s = 121 *Blood Sacrifice = 121 (News on 12/1, like 121)


Also noteworthy, in recent years there have been ‘Ice Bucket’ Challenges to raise money for ALS. Notice ‘ice bucket’ equates to 56.

*Society of Jesus = 56

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

We know what 73 means when it comes to show business related deaths…

73 is the 21st prime, and I said to lookout for this pattern in 2021 in regards to death.


Her character name was Laverne Hooks, equating to 145, and reminding us that Catholic equates to 71 and 145, in light of her 7/1 death…

Keep in mind there are 73 books in the Catholic Bible, since she died at age 73, and 145 more chapters in their Old Testament than the Protestant OT.

Mathematics = 13+1+20+8+5+13+1+20+9+3+19 = 112

In light of her death on 7/1, January 7th, I’m thinking her role in the film Return to Babylon was costly.


Catholic = 71 *Catholicism = 112 *Police Academy = 112

71, 20th prime *Death = 20

January 7th can be written 1/7 as well. *Kill = 17

And for one last point, Police Academy released in 1984…

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

Tommy Lasorda has died a span of 73 days from the Dodgers winning the World Series. And you’ll recall the many 73 rituals we documented during the Dodgers rigged World Series, as well as me saying Lasorda was on borrowed time.

Blake Snell pulled after 73 pitches: https://gematriaeffect.news/kevin-cash-pulls-blake-snell-with-73-pitches-in-scripted-game-6-of-the-world-series-october-27-2020-dodgers-over-rays/

Mookie Betts clutch hit on the 73rd pitch: https://gematriaeffect.news/mookie-betts-puts-dodgers-up-5-0-on-73rd-pitch-of-game-three-of-world-series-october-23-2020/

Clayton Kershaw’s strikeout record on the 73rd pitch: https://gematriaeffect.news/clayton-kershaws-201st-postseason-strikeout-october-20-2020-game-1-of-the-2020-world-series/

You could also say he died 72 days after the Dodgers won the World Series 4-2, on the anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s funeral.

Keep in mind they say the sun is 93 million miles away, in light of Lasorda being dead at 93…

And again, there are 32 sun rays on the Jesuit logo, and the Dodgers won their first World Series in 32 years, scoring 32 runs, on the back of ‘Mookie’, a name equating to 32, and reminding of Spike Lee playing the part of Mookie, the man in the Jackie Robinson jersey in Do the Right Thing, which released a span of 32 years from the Dodgers “accomplishment.”

Also, from Lasorda’s 93rd birthday to his death was a span of 108 days.

Don’t forget there are 108 double stitches on a baseball.

You could also say today was 107 days after his birthday, connecting to ‘ritual sacrifice’.

Sacrifice = 19+1+3+18+9+6+9+3+5 = 73

They saved the news for January 8, or 1/8, like 18.

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers Racism


Not only is this man dead at 59, he is dead 181 days after his birthday, the 42nd prime, thus bringing 42 and 59 together yet again, in the reported death of a black entertainer / celebrity.

February is the month that ends on the 59th day of the year…

And Black History equates to 181, the 42nd prime…

Again and again, it is 42 and 59 when it comes to “black history.”

Read the 18th chapter of my first book Letters & Numbers to learn A LOT more about 42 and 59. You can read the book here.

And notice what the media did with this photo of him…

April 29th, the date of the photo, is the 119th day of the year.

The title of the book, Sleeping with Strangers, ties in perfectly.

Celebrity Entertainment History

Read about Dr. Dre’s aneurysm by the numbers here: https://gematriaeffect.news/dr-dre-suffers-brain-aneurysm-january-4-2021-by-the-numbers/


It’s funny that the media is using this shot of Dr. Dre honoring Quincy Jones from November 27, 2018. In his career, he has been called the “Quincy Jones of hip-hop.”

Adding to the riddle, in 1974, Quincy Jones reportedly suffered two brain aneurysms.


Making the ritual all the more clear, notice ‘Quincy Jones’ equates to 55 and Dr. Dre is 55 years old right now.

For another joke, notice the emphasis on ‘doing great.’

I suspect he has a new project coming soon, and this is the way of generating attention.

Celebrity Entertainment News


Monday, January 4, 2020 was Dre’s 322nd day of his age.

Keep in mind 322 is the number of Skull and Bones, and this happened to the LA rapper on January 4, or 4/1, like 41.

The date can be written 4/1 or 1/4, like 41 and 14.

January 4, 2021 was a date with 46 numerology, in addition to being the 46th week of his age.

4/1/2021 = 4+1+20+21 = 46

This incident comes 77 days after Snoop Dogg’s 49th birthday.

…203 days after Ice Cube’s 51st birthday.

-It was also his 204th day of his age. *Andre Romelle Young = 204

…202 days after MC Ren’s 51st birthday

…55 days after Warren G’s 50th birthday.

…42 days after Kurupt’s 48th birthday.

…224 days after Daz’s 47th birthday.

…79 days after Eminem’s 48th birthday.

…201 days after Kendrick Lamar’s 33rd birthday.

This news comes 27 weeks after the divorce was filed by Nicole Young on June 29, 2020.


His first album The Chronic turned 28 years old on December 15, 2020, and 20 days later, or a span of 21, he has suffered this.


Celebrity Coronavirus Entertainment News
Harry Potter = 65 *Pandemic = 65


Get that, 35 weeks after her 33rd birthday, her baby reportedly has the Covid.

Must just be a coincidence her name equals 35, like ‘Catholic’, the entity behind the ongoing “pandemic” agenda.

*Jessie Cave = 172 *Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172

*Jessica Alice Cave Lloyd = 78 *Baby = 78 *Jesuit = 78

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

As we have been documenting a lot of rituals surrounding the number 41 lately, and notice that this news of a dead 41 year old singer comes on January 4th, or 4/1. That said, his date of death is unclear.

Also noteworthy, today has 46 date numerology.

1/4/2021 = 1+4+20+21 = 46

73, 21st prime (Start of ’21)

And equally as important, the news of his death was saved for a date that can be written 4/1, or 1/4 (like 41 and 14).

Ask yourself, why?

Could it be that he played the guitar?

Or could it be that he wore the inverted pentagram in his performances?

Notice below the band was formed in ’93, 27 years ago.

We know what 27 means for the history of dead rock stars…


Keep in mind he was born in ’79. *Murder = 79

*Markku Uula Aleksi Laiho = 79


The news of his death comes 271 days after his birthday, the 58th prime.

*Secret Society = 58 *Freemasonry = 58

*Bodom is the name of a lake in Finland where an infamous murder happened in history.

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers


This former Bond Girl is dead on her 81st day of her age.

And notice that she was in 81 episodes of ‘That 70s Shows’ and played the character Midge Pinciotti, equating to 81, forwards and backwards.

She also died on a date with 45 numerology.

1/3/2021 = 1+3+20+21 = 45


In light of starring in That 70’s Show, she collapsed precisely 70 days after her birthday. So if they end up saying she died from ‘coronavirus’, we know what really happened. Furthermore, she played Stacey Sutton in the Bond film, A View to a Kill, a character name equating to 70.