House passes key foreign aid bill for Ukraine and Israel, Saturday, April 20, 2024, Adolf Hitler’s 135th birthday anniversary

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“Key” foreign aid package, and I’m reminded of the Key Bridge coming down by the Singaporean ship, in a port that deals with World Trade. And I’m reminded of the war breaking out in Israel, October 7, 2023, the 174th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe dying, and then Tomlin getting his 174th win, the very next day, over the Baltimore Ravens, named after Poe’s The Raven.
Baltimore Ravens=174 *New World Order=174 *Number of the Beast=174

Recall, the bridge in Baltimore was 47 years old. *Beast=47 *Government=47 *Authority=47

This also happens the same day the Nationals become 9-11 vs. the Bush Family Astros.

Recall, last year on the 119th World Series ended on the 119th day of George W. Bush’s age, the man who used to run the Bush Family Rangers before becoming US President.

Today is 81 days after Mike Johnson’s January 30 birthday. *Ritual=81 & 81 (Biden is 81)
President Biden=81 *President Trump=81

Remember Biden’s record 81 million votes? Or Obama endorsing 81 candidates on 8/1?

Today is 199 days before the election, the 46th prime (Joe Biden is #46). *Catholic=46

Again, Mike Johnson is the 56th Speaker of the House. *Mike Johnson=56
Washington DC=56 *Society of Jesus=56

It is a reminder Adolf Hitler was born on this day, April 20, and died at age 56 in April.
Adolf Hitler=56 *April=56

Abraham Lincoln also died at 56, at the end of war, in April. He was shot in a theater.

In the case of Russia and Ukraine, the pope traveled to see Putin on February 25, 2022, the 56th day of the year, and Putin recently talked about how important the church is to the war. *Pope=56

The war in Israel came out of what they said was an attack on them, reminiscent of 9/11. September 11 is the day leaving 111 days in the year, and today is the 111th day of the leap year.
God of Israel=111

Familiar numbers, familiar patterns (11+77+175=263 — 56th prime)

The flights that hit targets on 9/11 were 11, 77 & 175.

19? Recall the 19 hijackers on 9/11, 19 years before 2020, the year of Covid-19.

More than 34,000 people?

HR 8034? More killings? Murder=83 & 34 in Gematria and 8034???

This bill is for Israel and Ukraine. *Jewish=34 *Ukraine=34

This bill has passed 152 days after Joe Biden’s birthday *Joe Biden=152 *Lloud Austin=152

Recall the first President’s Day for Joe Biden fell on 15/2.

It has also passed on the 153rd day of Biden’s age. *Jesuit Order=153 *The Illuminati=153

Today is the 183rd day of Netanyahu’s age. *Order out of chaos=183

It is 28 weeks after the war began on October 7. *Israel=28 *Zion=28 *107, 28th prime *10/7 date

28 is a perfect number, and these people think they have the perfect plan.

For one more, it is a span of 787 days since the war officially began with Russia and Ukraine, February 24, 2022. The number 787 is the 138th prime number. *Federal=138 (We Are 138) *Donald Trump=138

We are 55 days prior to Trump’s 78th birthday, the man running on MAGA, the highest degree of the Church of Satan. *Satan=55

And let us not forget the war with Israel and Gaza began in the 85th week since the start of the war with Ukraine and Russia, and October 7 is the day leaving 85 days in the year.
Templar=85 *Iesus Hominum Salvator=85

And for one last point, Lloyd Austin has an 8/8 birthday, and today is 4/20.
Four Hundred Twenty=88
California=88 (Where the 4/20 thing began)

Plus, George Washington grew hemp. *George Washington=88

April 20 is typically the 110th day of the year. *President=110 *Adolf Hitler=110

Lloyd Austin grew up in Mobile, Alabama, where a Jesuit university is located.

If Hitler were alive today, he would be 135.

The Illuminati was founded in Bavaria, by a Jewish man, who was Jesuit trained.

The Key of David=135 (Revelation 3:7- about the Synagogue of Satan)

The CIA was established in a very Jesuit / Illuminati ritual, September 18, 1947.

That was 15 days after Israel was approved by the UN, September 3, 1947.
47, 15th prime (’47) *Illuminati founded 1/5
Illuminati=120 (15th triangular number)

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