4-year-old Israeli American hostage released to Red Cross, Sunday, November 26, 2023

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This war and the history of Zionism has a lot to do with 4.

The story is about Abigail Edan, and pertains to the Red Cross, like the red cross of the Templars.
Abigail Edan=65
Knights Templar=65

Again, in the show Knightfall, about the fall of the Templars, they mention the 65 orders the Templars had established throughout Europe prior to their demise.

And Edan, like the Garden of Eden, and Abigail, with an A, the beginning, like Adam in the Garden of Eden. Again, it is all biblical, it is all historical. And notice Edan is a ‘masucline’ spelling, and relates to fire and the sun. It goes with this news coming on a Sunday, 7 weeks since Netanyahu declared the war on Hamas. It also goes with the name being of Scottish Origin, like the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, very popular in Judaism.

Also noteworthy, today’s date numerology is 80.
Baphomet=80, Satan=80

The Templars were burned at the stake for worshiping Baphomet.
Bavarian Illuminati=80

It goes with the other Gematria connection of ‘Abigail Edan.’
Abigail Edan=232 *Satan=232 (Jewish Gematria)
Abigail Edan=47 *Beast=47 (Israel drawn up in ’47)

And for one more, today is 11/26, and the year 1126 was very important to the rise of the Knights Templars.

The show Knightfall is very much based in Jerusalem and France. And notice, Bernard of Clairvaux is French, like the Jesuits and the Scottish Rite, which the latter was created by the Jesuits, who carry on the Templar tradition.

And as for the story about the 4-year-old Israeli child handed over to the Red Cross, or the Knights Templar… notice that the tactics are so obvious, the bait of the child, a story you don’t hear about on the Gaza side, where children her age and younger are blown into pieces often.


For one more, today is 21 days before the Pope’s birthday.
Sunday=21, Bible=21, Jesuit=21

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  1. Weston Lawrence on November 28, 2023 at 12:51 am

    Monday Night Football (11-27-2023)

    Chicago 12
    Minnesota 10

    Chicago Bears scored 12 points bringing their season total for points to 232.
    Minnesota Vikings after giving up 12 points to the Bears, have allowed a season total of 232 points.

    *Adding to the number ‘4’ connection:
    **’Vikings’ = 44, scored only 10 points (10 is the 4th Triangular) ‘Israel’ = 44, ‘Netanyahu’ =44
    **QB – Joshua Dobbs threw 4 Interceptions. Abbreviation for ‘Interception’ is ‘INT’ = 16 (4+4+4+4 = 16)
    **4-year old ‘Abigail Edan’ = 232 ‘Satan’ = 232 (Jewish Gematria) & ‘Satan’ = 55 (10th Tri & 10th Fib)
    **’Satan’ also = 10 & 16 (Jewish Reduction Gematria) **’Chicago Bears’ = 55

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