Charlie Daniels July 6, 2020 death, and the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones July 6, 2022

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Remember when we said Georgia would beat Alabama in the college championship before Week 2 of the season was even played? And remember how after it happened I showed how it was synced up with Charlie Daniels and his song ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia?’ After I showed that, I said Georgia better look out. And then notice, the Georgia Guidestones blew up on the anniversary of Charlie Daniels July 6, 2020 death, exploding two years later to the day.

On top of that, the song released in ’79, 43-years before 2022, and the monument was destroyed on #43’s birthday, at 4:03:33 AM. Again, it was also Daniel Coit Gilman’s 191st birthday (43rd prime).
Yale = 43
Masonic = 43

Of course, the stones were put up for the Georgia Guidstones at the end of ’79.
Knights Templar=79 (Highly related to Yale, Skull and Bones)
Society of Jesus=79

Let us not forget, Skull and Bones is known as the Brotherhood of death, and is modeled after the Knights Templar. It goes with July 6 being the 187th day of the year.
Brotherhood of Death=187 (Murder=79)

Both numbers are associated with homicide.


  1. CJ Cheifer on July 8, 2022 at 10:59 am

    Also, James Caan (age 82) from The Godfather died on 7-6, the same day I watched the movie for the first time ever. He played Santino (Sunny) Corleone, AL Pacino’s (also 82), older brother, and Don (Vito) Corleone’s oldest son. I wonder if this has to do with Santana falling on stage as well. James Caan – English Ordinal 67, Full Reduction 22, English Sumerian 402. My name CJ Cheifer is EO 67 and ES 402 as well, same as Chicago, IL and Hiram Abif (masonic hero who the masons honor in a reenactment ritual by gently clunking an initiate on the head).

    Hollywood mocks the Italian Mafia because that’s how the Cabal, Jesuit and Masons destroy groups that have some moral compass… slander and outing their exaggerated practices through entertainment.

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