Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union become LGBQT parents of the year at 54th NAACP Awards, February 25, 2023, one day after the legal name change of their child’s name from Zion to Zaya

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Dwayne Wade is a top headline this morning for helping promote the age of gender confusion. Essentially, he said if you don’t support the idea of other people mutilating their genitals at a young and susceptible age (susceptible to culture and peer pressure), you are ignorant.

Let us not forget he went to Jesuit Marquette, going with this ritual coming at the 54th NAACP Image Awards, February 25, 2023, the 56th day of the year.

Notice it was 5-weeks and 4-days after his birthday.

The 39 days goes with his Jesuit education, Marquette.

And the 1-month and 8-days also fits in.
IHS = 18 / 18
Sun = 18

You could also say it took place on his 40th day of his age.

Furthermore, notice what happened the day before the NAACP Image Awards.


Notice this happened on the 55th day of the year

Of course, ‘Zaya’ also the 53 connection.

Remember Bruce “Gender” Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair?

Caitlyn Jenner, 201…

RIP to Chris Farley, who died after his big Marquette 201 joke in Tommy Boy.

And to close it out, notice the ritual at the NAACP awards came 119 days after Gabrielle Union’s birthday.

Notice it was 17-weeks as well.

And recall, this was perfectly aligned with the 54th NAACP Image Awards, emphasis on ’54.

Keep in mind this ritual also took 70 days after the Pope’s birthday.
Vatican = 70
Francis = 70

Benjamin Crump wins NAACP Social Justice Impact Award, February 25, 2023

Black Lives Matter Freemasonry Jesuit News Racism Secret Societies

Benjamin Crump won this award on the 139th day of his age, February 25, 2023.

Keep in mind the news came on the 56th day of the year as well.

Society of Jesus = 56 / 187
Freemasons = 56
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 187
NAACP Social Justice Impact Award = 187

This was the 54th edition of the awards.
Jesuit Order = 54


Papers drop ‘Dilbert’ cartoon over creators remarks about Black Americans being a hate group, February 25, 2023 news

Black Lives Matter News Psychological Operation Racism

This news was big on Saturday, February 25, 2023, a date with 70 numerology.
2/25/2023 = 2+25+20+23 = 70
Dilbert = 70
Racist = 70
White = 70

Keep in mind these headlines were viral 70 days after the Pope’s birthday.
Francis = 70
Vatican = 70 / 25
Pope = 25

And this is part of an ongoing pattern I’ve been documenting for years…

Read more about the pattern of 70 in White Supremacist mass shootings here.

And keep in mind these more recent Dilbert headlines came on the 56th day of the year.
Society of Jesus = 56
Pope = 56

Keep in mind the creator’s name fits in with the 25th.
Scott Adams = 25 / 65
White = 29 / 65 / 70
Black = 29

It’s more news by the numbers, to program the masses.


R. Kelly sentenced to 20-years in federal prison, February 23, 2023

Black Lives Matter Celebrity Jesuit Legal Racism

Notice the 1:53 post time, on the 54th day of the year.
Jesuit Order = 153 / 144 / 72 / 54
Pornography = 153 / 144 / 72 / 54

Recall, R. Kelly was sentenced to prison when he was 54-years-old.

And now he is being shamed again, on the 54th day of the year, while he is 56.
Society of Jesus = 56
Black Lives Matter = 56
Black Power = 56

Keep in mind this latest news comes in Black History Month.


Judge Leinenweber = 78 / 84
Jesuit = 78 / 84

Catholic Bishop David O’Connell assassinated in Los Angeles

Catholic Church Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Racism


This happened Saturday, February 18, 2023.
Holy Roman Empire = 218

It happened on Pope Francis’s 64th day of his age, or 63 days after his birthday.
Kill = 64
Ireland = 63

His name ties in with the first Jesuit Pope.
Catholic Bishop David O’Connell = 144 / 126
Ireland = 126 / 63 / 45
-Dead on 63 date numerology
-Dead after 45 years as a Priest
-Kobe dead on 1/26 in Jesuit ritual
The United States of America = 144
Jesuit Order = 144

David O’Connell = 58
Pope Francis = 58
–David O’Connell = 68
–Catholic Bishop = 68
–Catholicism = 68

The date numerology is as follows.
2/18/2023 = 2+18+20+23 = 63

And the Rodney King case was about racism, which O’Connell was connected to.
Racism = 63

For one more, he as killed 70-days before the anniversary of the April 29 verdict for the officers who beat Rodney King, which was April 29, 1992. Keep in mind this year April 29 will be the 119th day of the year, a number having a relationship with 70 in this regard…
Vatican = 70 / 119
Francis = 70 / 119

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. wins first Daytona 500 after record 212 laps, February 19, 2023

Black Lives Matter News Racism Sports

Every year the Daytona 500 pays tribute to the same numbers that are involved in the Super Bowl the weekend prior. In this case, Super Bowl 57 was on the date February 12, or 2/12, like 212, and the Daytona 500 race was won with 212 laps, by Ricky Stenhouse Jr., winning for a team that is owned by 57-year-old Brad Daugherty, who became the first black owner to win the Daytona 500. Keep in mind, Super Bowl 57 was the first Super Bowl to feature two black starting QBs.

Keep in mind he drove the #47 car.


Michigan State gunman’s full name is Anthony Dwayne McRae, February 16, 2023 news

Education Mass Shooting News Racism


Today, they give the three part name of the Michigan State shooter, Anthony Dwayne McRae.
Anthony Dwayne McRae = 83 / 277
Murder = 83
277, 59th prime (Number connected to black history)
Kill = 59 (Jewish Gematria)

Of course, they have blamed the shooting on a black man in Black History Month.

And don’t forget “The Police” but out the song Murder by Numbers in ’83.

Darryl Williams death, January 17, 2023, becomes news 27 days later when family hires Benjamin Crump, February 13, 2023

History News Psychological Operation Racism
That’s not humanity = 228 *Martin Luther King Jr. = 228 *United States of America = 228

Now we have ‘Raleigh’ in focus in Black History Month.

February = 42
Slavery = 42
Jackie = 42
Nigger = 42
Martin = 42
Malcolm X = 42

This occurred one day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2023, and near the road Martin Luther King Jr. It follows the killing of Tyre Nichols in Memphis, where MLK was killed on April 4, 1968.

In this case, notice the family of Darryl Williams hired Benjamin Crump on Monday, February 13, 2023, the 44th day of the year, going with MLK being killed on 4/4. It also goes with George Floyd being killed on the 44th Parallel North, by 44-year-old Derek Chauvin.
Rock Quarry Road = 193 (44th prime)

Keep in mind April 4 is the 94th day of non-leap-years and MLK was killed in ’68.

Wake County = 39
Raleigh = 39
MLK killed at 39 (like Malcolm X)


As for the date, January 17, it can be written 17/1, like 171, the 18th triangular number.
Taser = 18
Race = 18

Also, Benjamin Crump was hired 27-days later, on 2/13.
Racism = 27 / 213

Man rushes Payton Gendron, Buffalo grocery store mass shooter, in court, February 15, 2023

Black Lives Matter Legal Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation Racism

This news comes on the 46th day of the year, a reminder that the shooter, Payton Gendron, already went through the latest “46” hate crime ritual. Read more about that here.

Gendron was charged with hate crime on the day leaving 199 days in the year.
199, 46th prime
Hate Crime = 46

Then, Gendron pleaded guilty 199 days after the shooting, again the 46th prime.

Furthermore, this was related to Katherine Massey.
Katherine = 46

She was 72…
Jesuit Order = 72 / 144

Recall, the shooting was 144 days after the anniversary of the death of Peter Canisius.

ALSO, today is 277 days after the Tops shooting, in Black History Month, the 59 month.
277, 59th prime
Negro = 59
Rasta = 59
Slave = 59
Blues = 59


Rapper AKA dead at 35, February 10, 2023

Celebrity Murder by Numbers News Racism


Dead at 35? Rap = 35, Svengali = 35, Satan = 35, Baphomet = 35

Dead 13 days after his birthday. AKA = 13

Dead on 10/2, like 102. Slavery = 102, Nigger = 102


His birth name also equates to 96, like February. Kiernan Jarryd Forbes = 96
-The divisors of 96 sum to 42
-42 and ‘black history’ month
-Black History = 181 (42nd prime)