Catholic Church Jesuit News Racism

The Archbishop made these remarks June 26, or 26/6.

As we know, Pope Francis is the 266th Pope, and it is a Jesuit number.

Church of England also connects with ‘White Jesus’.

Recall, it was Shaun King, of Black Lives Matter, that appears to be under Jesuit control, who made the white Jesus remarks.

The remarks by the Archbishop of Canterbury were made Friday, June 26, or 26/6:  

As we know, 266 is the number of the Jesuits, who operate in 112 countries.

Read about the Jesuits and 266, as well as 122, in light of Pope Francis:

Notice the gematria of ‘Archbishop of Canterbury’ also sums to 247, and July 21, 2020 will be the 247 year anniversary of the banning of the Jesuits by Pope Clement XIV.  And as for 347, it is the 69th prime.  *The Jesuit Order = 69

The name Justin Welby is also interesting.

*Jesus Christ = 43

*Christianity = 65; United Kingdom = 65

*137, 33rd prime; England = 33

History Racism

You know what 158 means.

The Jesuits were founded August 15, or 15/8, in 1534.

And they likely created Freemasonry, the modern form, summing to 158.

Don’t forget about the “158 Boris Johnson ritual”, a man with a name summing to 158, replacing Theresa May exactly 158 weeks after she took office.

Nice post time below, 11:47…

This article was published June 4, 2020, a date with 50 numerology.

6/4/2020 = 6+4+20+20 = 50 *America = 50

Black Lives Matter Entertainment News Racism

1946?  That was 74 years ago.

This is a tribute to Black Lives Matter.  Notice how it and ‘Splash Mountain’ equate to 56.

Recall, D.C. just painted Black Lives Matter on their streets on June 5, or 5/6.

Washington D.C. = 56

56, it’s the number of the year.

Splash Mountain and Society of Jesus both equate to 56 and 79.

Today is the 177th day of the year.  The Jesuit Order = 177

Don’t forget Walt Disney was DeMolay, a masonic order for young men, named after the leader of the Knights Templar, who serve the Catholic Church, same as the Jesuit Order.

Censorship Entertainment History News Racism

The album releases July 17, or 17/7. This news comes June 25, 2020, the 177th day of the year.

The Jesuit Order = 177; New World Order = 177; Propaganda = 177

Dixie = 84; Jesuit = 84; United States of America = 84

The Dixie Chicks = 74 / 79; Jesus = 74; Yeshua = 79

*Society of Jesus = 79

In light of the 84 connection, today is George Orwell’s birthday, the author of 1984.

News Police State Racism

39?  New York? Read more about 39 and New York:

Notice his surname sums to 33, the same as Chauvin.

Rodney King was beat on 3/3.

George Floyd rioting began on East 33rd Street.

The chokehold happened on a 47 and 67 date, Sunday, June 21, 2020.

6/21/2020 = 6+21+20+20 = 67

6/21/20 = 6+21+20 = 47

Government News Politics Racism

This story about new faces comes June 25, 2020, on the birthday of George Orwell.

The story about the new black faces of the Democratic Party are interesting…

Remember, 2019 was the year of “black face” by the numbers.  It was also the 400 year anniversary of slavery in American, Acts 7:6-7.

One is an educator, and the other is gay? Is him being gay the qualification?

44 and 33, 11 years apart.  The ‘gay’ one is 33. And don’t get me started on MLK and Malcolm X and 44.

GAY = 33

HOMOSEXUAL = 137 (33rd prime)


Notice the 74 gematria in both names, Jamaal Brown and Mondaire Jones.

Masonic = 74; George Washington = 74; *Jesus = 74

33 of George Washington’s 74 generals were masons per U.S. history.

When you add 44 and 33, the ages of the men, it sums to 77, like how Washington D.C. is on the 77th Meridian West.

Today’s news, June 25, 2020, is on the 177th day of the leap year.

The Jesuit Order = 177

All of mainstream media is sharing this photo from November 5, the date of the Jesuit Guy Fawkes plot in 1605.

His arrest is June 25, 2020, the 177th day of year.

Coronavirus Government History News Racism Secret Societies

As I said Tuesday night, they’re going to have to put back up the Albert Pike statue.  I mean, how could it stay down, in the “Masonic City”?  Of course, Albert Pike, also a Confederate War General, is one of the most notable Freemasons in the history of the world.

This news comes June 25, George Orwell’s birthday, the author of 1984.

Masonry = 84; Jesuit = 84; Zionism = 84

Three?  Coronavirus?  *Three = 56 *Coronavirus = 56

And recall what ‘apocalyptic’ and ‘Revelation’ have to do with the first case being confirmed in the U.S. on January 21, or 1/21, like 121.

Coronavirus Government History Racism


Keep in mind Oregon is the 33rd state, and the one summing to 74. Further, this comes out of Lincoln County, reminding of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, a hot topic at the moment.

The agenda couldn’t be anymore clear.

Black Lives Matter Entertainment Government Racism

What a joke.  In light of the ongoing ‘Civil War’ theme with NASCAR and the banning of the Confederate Flag, notice how the name Paul Damon fits in.

Civil War = 43 (Bubba Wallace driving the #43 car)

The coding of ‘Victory Junction’ stands out as well.

Victory Junction = 74 / 187

Society of Jesus = 187 / 191

This news comes on the day leaving 191 days in the year.  *Jesus = 74