Active shooter on the lose in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, March 16, 2024

Gun Control Mass Shooting News

An active shooter on a ‘Saturday,’ on the 74th Meridian West?

Active Shooter=191 (43rd prime) *3+16+24=43

It is 3/16, and one of the most famous versus about Jesus is John 3:16.
Jesus=74, Cross=74, Messiah=74, Gospel=74, Parables=74

Again, the Society of Jesus is responsible for the rituals (because they run the nation).
Falls Township=177 & 69 *The Jesuit Order=177 & 69
Falls Township, PA=191 & 79 *Society of Jesus=191 & 79
-Today is 95 days after Pennsylvania’s Dec. 12 birthday
-The Jesuit Order and the 95 Theses…

Today is a span of 33 weeks from the death anniversary of William Penn, July 30, and think about Jesus on the cross at 33. *Masonry=33 *Order=33 *Secrecy=33 *Police=33

And you know the ‘Saturday’ part with ‘shooting.’

*Bucks County=37 *Shooting=37 *Joe Biden=37

This propaganda, to help undermine the second amendment, takes place outside of Philadelphia, on the 76th day of the year. Just think about it for a second.

Keep in mind President Biden is from Pennsylvania, and he promised gun reform. Go figure today is 117 days after his birthday, or his 118th day of his age, where the latter number connects to what happened to his biggest presidential parallel, JFK (Dallas, Texas=118 *Death=118 *Homicide=118). As for the 117 part, it goes with the controllers of the news scripts. *Central Intelligence Agency=117

Let us not overlook that today is 16/3, like 163, the 38th prime. *Death=38 *Murder=38 *Killing=38

Notice the NEWTOWN close by (the same town name where Sandy Hook happened)

Today’s shooting comes on the 271st day of the governor’s age (58th prime). 58 is a familiar pattern in mass shootings, connecting Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, and many more.
Freemasonry=58 *Secret Society=58 *Fraternal=58

Today is also 96 days before the Governor’s upcoming birthday. *Freemason=96

You could also say it is the 96th day of the state’s age.

Notice, he is Jesuit educated, having attended Georgetown.


  1. GregRamsey74 on March 16, 2024 at 7:07 pm

    This came 61-days before the anniversary of the final episode of The Office; “Active Shooter” = 61; “Guns” = 61
    This 61st episode was titled, ‘Money,’ and aired on the 18th of October, 2007; “Money” = 18; 61, the 18th prime.
    This was also a span of 2-months and 1 day(201)from the final episode titled ‘A.A.R.M. Part 2, like arms, or guns.
    This also came 37-days before the final episode of the 1995 The Office series that inspired the later series.
    “Shooting” = 37; “Shooter” = 37; “Joe Biden” = 37
    “Falls Township, Pennsylvania” = 110/133; “President” = 110/133
    “active shooter on the loose” = 117/333(this came 33-weeks and 3-days before the Presidential Election)
    This came 251-days before the JFK assassination anniversary; 251, the 54th prime; “JFK” = 54; “Jesuit Order” = 54
    This came a span of 277-days from Pope Francis’s upcoming birthday; 277, the 59th prime.
    “Kill” = 59; “Pope Francis” = 59; *Penn Quakers women’s basketball team just gave up 59-points in a loss; “Penn” = 59

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