Shirley Chisholm’s new film released March 15, 2024

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3+15+24=42 *Shirley=42

In an opening scene of this film, a white congressman is boasting about making more money than her, with his salary of “$42.5K.” Get it?

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Shirley the film released on the Ides of March, the day to remember the killing of Caesar in 44 BC. It goes with her taking office in ’68, at age 44, and running for President four years later, the year Joe Biden became Senator elect, which was 44 years before his last year in office with Obama, #44, who was elected 44-years after the Civil Rights Act.
Joe Biden=44 *African-American=44

And in light of her taking office in ’68, recall, that was the year MLK was killed on April 4, or 4/4, like the number 44. It also has a parallel back to Obama becoming #44.
Barack Obama=68

Also, this film was added to Netflix on March 22, what would have been the 44th birthday of the Georgia Guidestones, which called for depopulation, something that black women have been targeted with (hello abortion). *Georgia=44 *Genocide=44

Furthermore, from 1968 to 2024 is 56 years later, reminding us that Biden picked Kamala for VP when she was 56, as the nation’s first black female Vice President. And it reminds us that Obama won the 56th US Presidential election with Biden.
Black Lives Matter=56 *Washington DC=56 *Society of Jesus=56

It goes with the Ides of March release. *Ides of March=56

At the same time, Shirley ran for President in ’72, 52-years before 2024.
President=52 *White House=52 *Government=52 *Authority=52

Shirley Chisholm=84 *United States of America=84 *Obama born 8/4

Notice that she went to Columbia and left office in ’83. That is the year Obama graduated from Columbia as well (he was there from ’81-’83).

When Shirley died, Obama was in his 44th year of life, and turned 44 later than year, 2005. Notice she died 158 days after his DNC keynote address, or a span of 159 days later, both significant numbers. *Freemasonry=158 *Scottish Rite=159

The number 159 also has the ‘black man‘ connection.

The date July 27 can be written 27/7, like 277, the 59th prime. It goes with Obama’s Secret Service name being ‘Renegade’ and the long history of Black 59 History.
*Renegade=59 *Slave=59, Negro=59, Blues=59, Rasta=59

It goes with Michelle being born 277 days before Kamala Harris, and Kamala is currently 59-years-old, going with her and Biden winning the 59th US Presidential Election.

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And it goes with Kamala being picked in a very 59 ritual, August 11, 2020, a date having numerology of 59 (8+11+20+20=59).

And get this bit about ages “5” to “9” for Shirley.

Shirley’s death also came 150 days after Obama’s 43rd birthday.

For more familiar numbers, check the slavery code.
Shirley Anita Chisholm=102 *Slavery=102
Shirley=42 *Slavery=42
*Five=42 *Nine=42

Remember when Kamala defended her “blackness” on the 42nd day of the year?

For one last point, Shirley died 73 days after Kamala’s birthday.
Sacrifice=73 *Ritual Sacrifice=73 *Harris=73

You could also say she died on Kamala’s 74th day of her age.
Killing=74 *Masonic=74 *Occult=74

And last, notice the gematria overlap with ‘Shirley Anita St. Hill’ and ‘Kamala Harris.’

Kamala Harris is the 49th VP of the United States *Washington=49 *America=49

And again, the Ides of March is to remember the killing of Caesar.

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