Pawn Stars Rick Harrison’s son dead on the kill date, January 19, 2024, just before Super Bowl 58

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Pawn Stars began in Las Vegas, the city hosting Super Bowl 58.

Notice Rick Harrison is 58.

His son, ‘Adam Harrison’ is dead.

This year the Super Bowl is on the 11th of February, or 11/2, like 112.

This is why the son made a fitting sacrifice, as always, it’s biblical.

Furthermore, Adam, a biblical name, died on the ‘kill date’ for January 2024.


They’re saying he OD’d on the 19th.

‘Overdose’ also has the ‘Super Bowl’ overlap.

For one more, he died exactly 26 weeks before the anniversary of Pawn Stars start.

Remember, God makes Adam in the 26th verse of the Bible.

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