Dex Carvey, Dana Carvey’s son, announced dead from OD, Thursday, November 16, 2023

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This news was announced on Thursday, December 16, 2023.
Thursday=35, OD=35 *Satan=35 *Baphomet=35
Dana Carvey=40

The name Dex Carvey also ties with Thursday.
Dex Carvey = 46

Keep in mind this happened in the 46th week of the year.
Sacrifice=46 (Genesis 46)

His name also had fateful Gematria.
Dex Carvey=44

The death was announced 167 days after Dana Carvey’s birthday (39th prime).
New York = 39 (He became famous on SNL in NY)

Dana Carvey is 68 at the time of this death, and caskets go ‘6 deep and are 8’ long.

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