Ray Lewis III dead from ‘accidental overdose’ news comes on the eve of Father’s Day, and just before the start of the 104th NFL season

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Notice, this news broke on the eve of Father’s Day, just before the 104th NFL season.

Father = 58 & 104 *Baltimore = 58 (The 104th NFL season ends with Super Bowl 58)

Notice how it all comes together, from Ray Lewis to ‘accidental overdose.’

And as a reminder, both the GM and owner of the Ravens, Eric DeCosta and Steve Bisciotti, are born April 10, or 10/4 like 104.

It connects with the 104th pick of the NFL Draft having attended Maryland.


Furthermore, notice the news of the death broke 31 days after Ray Lewis’ birthday, or on his 32nd day of his age, and just days before Father’s Day.

Again, the 104th NFL season ends with Super Bowl 58.

That also means the son died on the 67th day of the GM’s and owner’s age, or 66 days after their birthdays.

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