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This top story, WHO pausing their study of hydroxychloroquine, comes on Memorial Day, the day to remember those who died while serving the United States of America.  It also comes on the 25th of the month, and 20 days before Trump’s 74th birthday, where 74 has been a fateful number for presidents in United States history, and 20 has been a fateful number in 2020. As you’ll read, they’ve stopped the study because of the realization that the drug increases the chance of ‘death’.

Trump is number 45, and 45 is the 9th triangular number.  Will he become the 9th U.S. president to die in office?  Time will tell.

Keep in mind today has 70 date numerology, and ‘coronavirus’ sums to 70.

Coronavirus Science

Here comes another 201, the ‘global vaccine summit’.

Recall Event 201, the coronavirus outbreak simulation.

Notice, it begins June 3, the 155th day of 2020.

It will end June 4, the day leaving 210 days in the year.

Keep in mind June 4 can be written 4/6, like 46.  *Virus = 46

The mention of $7.4-billion resources below is HILARIOUS!  Recall, Event 201 was on the day leaving 74-days left in the year.

This event is in London.

74 and 33…

And the 330-million pounds from England is funny too.

Not by chance, this event comes a span of 33-weeks from Event 201.

Don’t forget London is divided into 33 areas.

Coronavirus News Science

This news comes May 22, 2020, a date with 47 and 67 numerology.

5/22/20 = 5+22+20 = 47 *Trump = 47

5/22/2020 = 5+22+20+20 = 67 *The Apprentice = 67 *Arrhythmias = 67

The focus is on how hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine can cause arrhythmias of the heart.


If you’re suffering from an arrhythmia, you’re more likely to have a heart attack.  Not by chance, this news comes 72-days after the pandemic began, March 11, 2020.

Keep in mind May 22 is typically the 142nd day of the year, leaving 223-days remaining.

Government History Jesuit Science

You don’t think NPR is part of the cabal?  *NPR = 33 *Masonry = 33

Notice the 266 encoded in the emphasized ‘changed medicine in America forever’.

Read about the Jesuits and 266 here:

Don’t forget that Fauci became the head of the NIAID in 1984, emphasis on ’84.

The man who is believed to be the first documented case of HIV / AIDS, Robert Rayford, has the 84 connection, as well as 78.

His name also connected to HIV / AIDS.

33 / 39.


*Rayford = 102 (He died on his 102nd day of his age)

His story originates from Missouri.

And 42 connects back to ‘Jesuit’.

City Hospital in 1968?  Notice the location sums to 68.

Fauci began work for the NIH in 1968…

Notice, Robert Rayford was 15, in 1968, the infamous year.

As for his story happening in St. Louis, the city has gematria of 47 and 74.

Rayford’s May 15, or 15/5 death stands out, because we’re now dealing with a new virus, one promised by Anthony Fauci, coronavirus, which sums to 155, much like the date 15/5.  Of course, coronavirus was coined in 1968.  Bringing HIV / AIDS and coronavirus closer together, it has been reported that coronavirus has been found in Semen.

History Jesuit Science

Maximillian Hell is the Jesuit priest who is credited with documenting the transit of Venus, the light-bringer, also known as Lucifer.  Hell?  Lucifer?  *Lucifer = 74 *Jesus = 74

Notice Maximilian died on April 14, or 14/4, like 144.  Jesuit Order sums to 144, as well as 54, and ‘Venus’ sums to 54 too.

He was also known as Hell Miksa.

Hell died at age 71, fittingly.  Both ‘Hell’ and ‘Catholic’ equate to 71.

Let us not forget that when you write out ‘seventy-one’, it sums to 144, like ‘Jesuit Order’.

He died a span of 32-days from his 72nd birthday, reminding of the 32 sun rays on the Jesuit logo.

His death was synced with his 72nd birthday.

Coronavirus Government History Military Science

Notice, the WHO declared Swine Flu, or H1N1 a pandemic on the 11th of June, in 2009.  As we know, 11 is the master number, and these pandemics have been part of an ongoing master plan.  Adding insult to injury, they said deaths had been reported in 74 countries from H1N1 at that time and there were 28,774 cases.  Of course, 74 is the occult’s favorite number and is used ritualistically, again and again, in these world shaping events.  More recently, the coronavirus outbreak simulation was done on October 18, the day leaving 74-days left in the year.

June 11, 2009 was also a date with 46 and 26 numerology, ‘virus’ and ‘chaos’ numbers.

6/11/2009 = 6+11+20+09 = 46 

6/11/09 = 6+11+09 = 26

WHO also sums to 46.

From the first reported case of H1N1, April 17, 2009 to the pandemic declaration was a span of 56-days…

As we know, 56 has been THEE NUMBER in the coronavirus pandemic, where it was the WHO, on the 56th day of 2020, February 25, that told the world to prepare for pandemic.

Keep in mind, April 17 is the 107th day of the year.

Don’t forget ‘military’ sums to 107.

What makes this all the more interesting, is that the Battle of Wuhan began June 11, 1938, in history, reminding that the coronavirus simulation of October 18, 2019, was the exact same day that the Military World Games began in Wuhan, China.

Strangely enough, ‘Battle of Wuhan’ sums to 203, and June 11 leaves 203-days in the year.

Battle of Wuhan also sums to 68, reminding that ‘coronavirus’ was coined in 1968.

For one last point, the NIAID has gematria of 203 as well, which Anthony Fauci has been the head of since 1984.

Coronavirus Government News Science

Notice how the emphasis on ‘does not spread easily’ equates to COVID-19.

This news comes a span of 121-days from the start of January 21, 2020 outbreak in the U.S,

What a revelation.

Today is also 70-days after the pandemic was declared.

Or a span of 71-days.

The CDC establishment date is July 1, or 7/1.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  I told you months ago the virus wasn’t a big deal, but the chemicals being used to “protect” are cancer causing, including Lysol and hand sanitizer.

Coronavirus News Science

This news broke April 29, 2020, a date with 37 numerology.

4/29/2020 = 4+29+(2+0+2+0) = 37

Notice ‘pug’ and ‘virus’ sum to 37.

*Dog = 26 *Virus = 26

It was also a date with 53 numerology, connecting to ‘COVID-19’.

4/29/20 = 4+29+20 = 53

Notice this happened at Duke University, summing to 68, reminding of the year the term ‘coronavirus’ was coined, 1968.

Coronavirus Military News Science

It’s no accident this story was reported May 6, or 5/6, like 56.

Read about 121 and the coronavirus outbreak:

His name sums to 70 and 56, like ‘coronavirus’.

This all makes too much sense, because coronavirus is really a trojan horse for the military industrial complex technology takeover, and DARPA is the military’s technology wing.

Read about DARPA, the agency that created Facebook: