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On the 65th day of the year, March 5, 2020, Seattle’s stepping up its precautions to guard against the contrived coronavirus “pandemic”.

Again, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, of Seattle, Washington, simulated a coronavirus outbreak that killed 65,000,000 people on October 18, 2019, 56-days before patient zero.

*Coronavirus = 56

Don’t forget it was January 21, 2020, the first case in the U.S. was confirmed in Seattle.

January 21, or 1/21, like 121.

The 60 and over part is interesting.  Recall, the first death in the U.S. from coronavirus was in Seattle, on February 29, the 60th day of the year.

It makes me wonder if Seattle might be the first city to see quarantine.

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These headlines are from the 65th day of the year, ‘pandemic’ day.

Don’t forget the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation simulated a coronavirus outbreak October 18, 2019, killing 65-million in the simulation.

Besides Seattle, the cruise ship off the coast of ‘California’ is getting big attention today.

Don’t forget how this is all synced with the ‘Year of the Rat’.

‘Greece’ and ‘pandemic’ go together.

And ‘Austria’ and ‘cruise ship’ fit too.

‘Austria’ and ‘virus’ fit together as well.

*89, the 11th prime

Notice he departed February 28, the 59th day of the year.  *Death = 228

*Austrian = 113 *Scottish = 113 *Freemasonry = 59

*Piraeus = 89 / 46 *Virus = 89 / 46

Notice how Grand Princess Cruise syncs with ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’.

And notice how it was a 71-year-old who died.

And last, notice this whole story comes out of Greece, the land of the masons, who have the motto, ‘order out of chaos’, and who work by this code of letters and numbers.

It was an ‘Austrian’.

Murder by Numbers Racism Science Weather,_1998

Notice, the second day of this storm, April 16, 1998, which wrecked Nashville, was a date with 137 numerology.  It was also the 106th day of the year.

4/16/1998 = 4+16+19+98 = 137

The first storm of April 16, 1998 hit at 3:30 PM.

Read about March 3, 2020 tornado here:

Read about 38 missing after tornado here:

A woman just called me from Nashville and asked me to look into this tragedy because she said the same area was just impacted March 3, 2020, the day we were keeping an eye on in regards to the state of Tennessee.  What she pointed out is that the area being impacted is predominantly black, but it is being gentrified and they’re trying to relocate the black population from the area.

They reported 63 tornadoes in the two-day “tornado outbreak”.  Guess why?

Read about the recent history of gentrification in Nashville:

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From Event 201, October 18, 2019, to this headline, March 4, 2020, is a span of 139-days. 158 documented cases?

Johns Hopkins & the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201.

Notice, the 11th death comes on March 4, 2020, a date with 11 numerology. 3+4+2+0+2+0 = 11

It’s all numbers, the language of the cabal.

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*70 countries?  *Coronavirus = 70

This news comes March 4, or 4/3, like 43.

$8.3 billion, 83, the reflection of 38.

Keep in mind tomorrow, March 5, will be the 65th day of the year.

Remember, Event 201, which simulated a “coronavirus outbreak”, October 18, 2019, predicated 65 million people would die.  And again, that event came 56-days before patient zero, December 12, 2019.  Of course, ‘coronavirus’ sums to 56 in the most pure cipher.

Murder by Numbers Science Weather

Recall, yesterday it was reported that the Tornado began to devastate Tennessee at the 38th minute of the day, 12:38 AM.  As we know, 38 is the ‘death’ number.

Read about the storm making impact at 12:38 on March 3, 2020, Super Tuesday below.

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*See prior work on the coronavirus “outbreak” and the Scottish Rite

*The Bavarian Illuminati will turn 244-years-old, May 1, the day leaving 244-days in the year.

*Recall, George Washington penned letters expressing concern than the Scottish Rite was hijacked by the Illuminati in the late 1700s

*137, 33rd prime *Corona = 33 *March 3, or 3/3 headline

Today has 46 date numerology.  3/3/2020 = 3+3+20+20 = 46 *Virus = 46

In two days, March 5, it will be the 65th day of the year.  *Pandemic = 65


The second death from coronavirus has been confirmed, and again, it is Washington State, the home of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which simulated a coronavirus outbreak on October 18, 2019, 56-days before patient zero, December 12, 2020.  *Coronavirus = 56

The first reported death was February 29, the 60th day of the year.  *Washington State = 60

Keep in mind, in the Netflix documentary Pandemic, Bill Gates is featured, and one of the purposes of the film is to educate about science’s quest for a universal vaccine to the cold / flu.

37 countries?

Notice the list of “37 countries”…

After two deaths reported in Washington state, the 42nd state, Trump is looking for the vaccine.

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The first U.S. coronavirus death comes in Bill Gates backyard, Washington State.  Again, it was the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation that simulated a coronavirus outbreak at Event 201, October 18, 2019, 8-weeks before patient zero was found, December 12, 2019.  *56-days *Coronavirus = 56

Notice this news of the first death came February 29, the 60th day of 2020.

Also worth remembering is the first coronavirus case in the U.S. was in Seattle, January 21, 2020.

On that same day were the first headlines of ‘coronavirus outbreak’.