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Remember, Israel’s birthday is Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg, who has the same birthday as Israel, reveal the Star of David, hidden in his hoodie.

And don’t forget that Facebook was created by DARPA, not Mark Zuckerberg:

Read about the 64th Eurovision on Israel’s 71st birthday last year:

Read about the Zion Williamson sweepstakes on the Israel’s 71st birthday:

This ritual was for the NBA’s 74th season

Read about Theodorz Herzl and the establishment of Zionist Israel:

Read about the New World Order being pledged to the Jews, October 6, 1940:

Celebrity Jewish Related Murder by Numbers

This man grew up in the Synagogue of Satan’s neighborhood, Brooklyn, New York, now he is dead at 92.

This news comes 6-days after Jerry Seinfeld’s new comedy special. Of course, Jerry Stiller was a star on Seinfeld.

May 5, or 5/5 *Satan = 55

Notice how 23 Hours to Kill, Seinfeld, and Gerald Stiller all sum to 142.

How nice of Ben to confirm his father’s death at 1:15 AM on May 11, or 11/5, or 5/11.  Remember, 115 is connected to ‘killing’ and 511 is connected to ‘Saturn’.  This is the day in history Bob Marley was taken out by the numbers, as well as many others.

Gerald Stiller = 142 *Seinfeld = 142

Brooklyn, New York, one of the most Jewish neighborhoods in the world, is home of the Jewish run Etsy, who banned my ‘Gematria’ book on the 74th day of the year, March 15, 2019.

Notice how ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Jewish’ sum to 74.

Saturn is the keeper of time, connected to death and judgement.

Below you’ll notice he died 5-months and 11-days after Ben Stiller’s birthday.

His mention of 62-years is also suspicious.

He starred in King of Queens.

Another word that fits into the 1:15 or 11/5, or 115 riddle is ‘Serenity’.  He is credited with helping write the ‘Serenity Now’ episode of Seinfeld.

For one more point, he died 28-days before his June 8 birthday, connecting to the word ‘kill’.

The death comes 163-days after Ben Stiller’s 54th birthday.  *163, 38th prime

Ben Stiller said he died of ‘natural causes’.

*Natural Causes = 88 *Jewish = 88 *Poison = 88 *Arsenic Poisoning = 88

Read more about 38 and death here:

Coronavirus History Jewish Related News

Holocaust?  75-years-ago?

Read about the New World Order being pledged to the Jews, October 6, 1940, a date with 75 numerology, two years before the supposed Holocaust began:

10/6/1940 = 10+6+19+40 = 75

*Chaos = 19 (COVID-19)

Coronavirus Jewish Related Murder by Numbers News

So we have a dead 74-year-old Jewish man from Switzerland, who wrote nearly 20 books, and his death is blamed on the coronavirus. Of course this news comes on a date with 74 numerology.

3/31/2020 = 3+31+20+20 = 74

They’re reporting he died March 28, the 88th day of the year. Notice how his name William Helmreich sums to 88, like Jewish.

Don’t forget Event 201 took place in New York, October 18, 2019, the day leaving 74-days left in the year, simulating a deadly coronavirus outbreak.

The news of William’s death was saved for March 31, a date that can be written 3/31, like 331, the 67th prime, or 31/3, like 313, the 65th prime.

Of course, 65 is an important number in the ongoing ‘pandemic’, lead by institutions out of Switzerland, such as the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum.  Keep in mind, this is a banker lead agenda, and Switzerland is where the banks are. Also, be sure to read up on the ‘Knights Templar’ another 65 society, with their fingerprints all over this ordeal.

Astrology Coronavirus Jewish Related

As we know, the Jews line up their religious holidays with the moon, and every 19-years, the moon does a reset in the sky, which is why Jewish holidays fall on the same day of the year on the Gregorian calendar, every 19-years.  Of course, it was the you know whose behind 9/11, 19-years ago, and no doubt it is the same clan behind the “coronavirus pandemic”.

April 7, 2020 will be 77-days after the first coronavirus case was found in the U.S., or the 78th day of their being a case in the U.S.

*Judaism = 77; *Zionist = 77

*Wuhan Coronavirus = 78; *Scottish Rite = 78; *Super Pink Moon = 78

*Order Out of Chaos = 78; ***Chaos = 19

April 7 is also the World Health Organization’s birthday.

*Judaism = 74 *Gematria = 74

*Star of David = 47

Hebrew Calendar:

History Jewish Related World War

This man was attempting to negotiate a deal with the Nazis to help expedite the travel of Jews from Germany to Israel in 1933, just before his assassination. Of course he was killed, because the Synagogue of Satan wanted the war and “Holocaust” narrative for the his-story books.

This Jewish man was killed in the year of the Jewish Boycott against Germany (also known as the anti-Zionist boycott), in 1933.  He was killed 113-days after his birthday, two days after returning from Germany.  Of course, the number 113 relates to the Talmud and deception.  Read more here: and here: and here:

He was killed on a date with 74 numerology as well.

6/16/1933 = 6+16+19+33 = 74

His assassination came 137-days after the Jewish lead boycott began, which was January 30, 1933.

*137, 33rd prime

The man accused, Abba Ahimeir, was born November 2, 1897.  The assassination was 226-days after his birthday, and 139-days before his upcoming.  

*Two Hundred Twenty Six = 93 *Freemasonry = 139 *Jewish State = 139

Jewish Related Military Science

The story released February 9, 2020, a date with 51 numerology, courtesy of Israel Today. As we know, the conspiracy numbers are 51 and 123. Notice how ‘Wuhan Institute of Virology’ fits in. 2/9/2020 = 2+9+20+20 = 51

Keep in mind, the Military World Games began in Wuhan, October 18, 2019, the same day Event 201 took place, simulating a coronavirus outbreak.

Read more here: