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In 2017 – at the beginning stages of the NFL anthem protests – headlines were made when Cleveland Browns Tight End Seth DeValve became the first white NFL player to take a knee during the pre-game national anthem.

But – as the the phrase popularized by William Shakespeare states – “All the world’s a stage”, and he was not just a random player making an independent decision.

Seth DeValve was simply – at the time – the latest to fulfill his chosen role in a Freemasonic high ritual; in this case:


As stated in my previous post George Floyd: High Masonic Ritual and Martyrdom of Hiram Abiff, the “kneeling” protests of African American victims of police brutality, are actually covert Freemasonic “Martyrdom of Hiram Abiff” rituals.

Hiram Abiff is a Freemason allegorical figure based on the Ancient Egyptian Sun-god Osiris who — according to legend — is killed by his brother Set (also spelled “Seth”). This is symbolic of the Sun “setting” on the year at the Autumnal Equinox.

In the Freemason allegory Hiram Abiff , a Master Mason, is killed by a 2nd degree Fellow Craft Freemason at the West gate of Solomon’s Temple.

West represents the location of the daily Sun set. Again: the term “sun set” comes from the name of the Ancient Kemetian/Egyptian god Set/Seth who kills the Sun Osiris.

The Freemason ritual involves one member lying on his back blind-folded, flanked on either side by genuflecting (kneeling on one knee) brethren.

So no coincidence that the name of the pioneering NFL player to genuflect has the same name as the Egyptian god who is at the heart of the ritual:


De Valve states that the reason he joined the protest was that his wife is African American and his future children will be potentially effected by police violence. He was – in effect – an honorary black man.

So, no coincidence to gematria practitioners that the name SETH DE VALVE sums to 42 in gematria.

42 is a gematria code number stamped on black people and black history.

Think about the name of his team “Browns” that could be a reference to skin color.

Other terms related to the genuflection ritual sum to 42:

The rallying-cry for the kneeling protests on social media was # TAKE THE KNEE.

It is also interesting that he wears number 87 and his position is Tight End.

Black Lives Matter Coronavirus News Police State Racism

This news comes out of the 47th state, New Mexico.  

Albuquerque = 58; Freemasonry = 58; Fraternal = 58

Albuquerque = 157 (37th prime); Shooting = 37

It has happened on a date with 61 numerology, reminding of the year the Civil War began, 1861.  Don’t forget the market fell by 1861 points last Thursday, June 11.

And for another load of divisiveness…

Black Lives Matter Coronavirus News Racism Religion

As you read below, notice the story about being lured back to the ‘church’. This news comes on a date with 61 numerology.

6/15/2020 = 6+15+20+20 = 61

*Church = 61; Jesus = 21; Cross = 21; Christian = 61; Christmas = 61

The Black Lives Matter protester, Oluwatoyin Salau, was sexually assaulted at a church?  As we’ve been saying, the Jesuits, or the Society of Jesus are clearly behind Black Lives Matter.  I think this story is symbolic about how a movement some people think is for good, BLM, is actually for an evil agenda, most people are not comprehending.

*Coronavirus = 56 *Mind Control = 56 *Toilet Paper = 56

This happened on June 6, or 6/6.  66, 11th triangular number; Black = 11

Think of the Bible and the 66. books.

The name ‘Salau’ also ties in with the Jesuits.

Read about 54, Black Lives Matter, and Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone:

The date she disappeared had 52 numerology.  6/6/2020 = 6+6+20+20 = 52

52 ties in with not only her name, but ‘I can’t breathe’, and ‘Minnesota’, where George Floyd *died.

*Tallahassee = 68

Black Lives Matter News Racism

This man was found hanging on Wednesday, June 10, 2020, the date written 10/6, similar to 106, and also having 56 date numerology.

Read about NASCAR’s massive ritual on this same date:

Black Lives Matter = 56 / 106

I can’t breathe = 106

NASCAR = 56 / 106

Black = 106

He was 24, the reflection of 42.  *Hanging = 42

The name Robert Fuller sums to 62, connecting to 

George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis.

Ahmaud Arbery was killed in Georgia.  Georgia… George?

His name also connects to ‘Palmdale’.

Black Lives Matter News Police State Racism

This fire was started Saturday, June 13, 2020, the day leaving 201 days left in the year. Below I’ll show you why that matters regarding Brian Kemp, the Governor of the state, the home to the Georgia Guidestones.

In light of Event 201… and today leaving 201 days left in the year…

George Perry Floyd = 201

Michael Brown = 201

Confederate = 201

Event 201

This incident came on Brian Kemp’s 225th day of his age…

Recall, the Event 201 simulation was 225 minutes long (3 hours 45 minutes)

George Floyd died on his 225th day of his age.

Minnesota’s Catholic Church settled $22.5 million in lawsuits immediately after his death in Minnesota

The Great Tribulation = 225

The Holy Bible = 201; The Jesuit Order = 201; Ignatius of Loyola = 201

They, the Jesuits, are fulfilling prophecy.

Ignatius was all about setting the world on fire…

Here’s how Wendy’s fits in. Keep in mind the victim was said to be 27-year-olds. Read more about him here: and here:

Read about the 72 related killing of Ahmaud Arbery, in Georgia, February 23, 2020:

From February 23 to June 12 was 110-days later.

Recall what we’ve documented recently with George Floyd, 8:46 and the 110 story WTCs in New York that were impacted at 8:46.

And now Dave Chappelle has a bit on this.

Black Lives Matter History Police State Racism

Notice the emphasis on ‘sleeping in a drive thru must not end in death’.

*Stacey Abrams = 37 / 127 *Georgia = 37 / 127

Her big headline, June 13, 2020, dealing with the issue in her state, Georgia, after the Ahmaud Arbery killing in Georgia, and after George Floyd.

The June 13 story comes 187-days after her birthday.

Fraternal Order of Police = 187

*Minneapolis Police = 187

Society of Jesus = 187

Washington D.C. = 187

Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 187

Today, June 13 leaves 201 days left in the year. Don’t forget the show containment, set in Atlanta, in light of 201 and today’s news:

*George Perry Floyd = 201 *Confederate = 201

The American Civil War began April 12, 1861, the 102nd day of the year. This past Thursday, the market fell 1861 points.

*George Perry Floyd = 102 *Stacey Yvonne Abrams = 102

For one last point, this comes on a date with 59 numerology, June 13, 2020.

6/13/2020 = 6+13+20+20 = 59

Big Tech Black Lives Matter Coronavirus News Racism
*Loggerheads = 56

This is a story to keep an eye on today.

Read about the history of the Autonomous Zone, June 8 to present:

Read about CHAZ leader, Raz Simone, signed to Black Umbrella records:

Take a gander at the symbolism in the CHAZ:

CHAZ = 38 / 70; Pandemic = 38; Coronavirus = 70

Don’t forget the first case of coronavirus in the U.S. was confirmed just north of Seattle, in ‘Snohomish County’. Snohomish County = 70

And for a last thought, I wonder how many big tech experiments are taking place right now in the Autonomous Zone, since Seattle is big tech city.

Read what to look out for on June 13, 2020:

Black Lives Matter Government History Racism

Trump will not attend the Juneteenth rally is Tulsa, out of respect, and the announcement comes June 12, 2020, or 6/12, like 612. This is a tribute to slavery, summing to 612.

Notice the emphasis on ‘out of respect’.

June 12 is typically the 163rd day of the year.

Trump’s slogan.

What George Floyd died from.

Same as Eric Garner, in a cigarettes incident.

Number games.

163, the 38th prime; George Floyd dead on 38th Street.  

*Minnesota = 38 *Death = 38

And don’t overlook this story about a mutation in the coronavirus, that could make it more infectious. This is what we said to lookout for. They’ll likely blame this on the George Floyd protests. This is from the Event 201 simulation as well.

Scripps = 37 / 89; Virus = 37 / 89

6/19/20 = 6+19+20 = 45 (Donald Trump, #45)

6/12/2020 = 6+12+20+20 = 58 (Trump, winner of 58th selection)