Civil Rights lawyer and World War II veteran, Johnnie A. Jones Sr., dead at 102, April 23, 2022

Celebrity Jesuit Military Murder by Numbers News War World War

A World War II veteran, who is black, is dead at 102?
World War = 102
Art of War = 102
Slavery = 102
Nigger = 102

Don’t forget what happened April 12, 2022, the 102nd day of the year, the anniversary of the Civil War, with a mass shooting in a New York subway blamed on a black man. Can you say “Underground Railroad?”

He was born November 30 and died April 23, the 113th day of the year. That was 144-days after his birthday, and ‘Jesuit Order’ equates to 144.
Jesuit Order = 144

Again, the Jesuits translated ‘Art of War.’

Johnnie A. Jones Sr. = 68
-Both World Wars began on 68 date numerology

The top story right now is “Johnny Depp.”

And notice WWII is also on the front page of CNN at the time they break the news.

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