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Ted Thompson died January 20, 2021, reportedly, three days after his 68th birthday.


That date can be written 20/1, like 201, connecting to the name ‘Aaron Charles Rodgers’, the QB for the Green Bay Packers.

The Jesuit Order = 201

The death also came 49 days after Aaron Rodgers 37th birthday.

Ted Thompson = 49 / 50

*Dead 49 days after Rodgers birthday (or on his 50th day of his age)

Also, this comes right before the Packers play in the NFC ‘Championship’.

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This is the power of the TV and being in the Illuminati network.

And never forget the sick joke, of Amanda Gorman, at the 59th U.S. Presidential Inauguration, that was perfectly synced with the Pope, on Vatican Hill, as she recited the empty words of ‘The Hill We Climb,’ while Barack Obama was 59 years old, the man known as ‘Renegade’ by the SS.

Renegade = 18+5+14+5+7+1+4+5 = 59


Read about 102 and Ahmaud Arbery.

Read about 102 and George Floyd, as well as the US Civil War.

Thus, Ms. 102, has her books at #1 and #2…


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This Memphis related death is being reported two days after MLK Jr. Day, the holiday to remember the man reportedly killed in Memphis, Tennessee.

*1/20/21 = 1+20+21 = 42 *Martin = 42
*1/20/2021 = 1+20+20+21 = 62 *Sacrifice = 62

And notice, the death of the 20 year old, in ‘Memphis’, is being reported on the 20th day of the year. Keep in mind he was mentored by Fredo Santana, who died three years to the day. *Fredo Santana = 71 (20th prime)

Read more about murder and 38 here.


Fredo Santana reportedly died January 19, 2018, a date with 38 numerology.

1/19/18 = 1+19+18 = 38 *Memphis = 38 *Rapper = 38 *Death = 38

As for his birth name, Jonathan Brown, it equates to 56, the number of the times.

Read about the recent death of John Fletcher from Whodini at 56.


The name of his record label, ‘Savage Squad Records’ has fateful gematria.

*73, 21st prime (This death begins 2021)

And there’s more…

199, 46th prime *Rap = 46 *Sacrifice = 46 *Svengali = 46

*Khabib’s dad died 287 days after his birthday, and LeBron won the NBA Finals on Father Daughter Day, 287 days after his birthday

And notice how Fredo Santana factors in.

*Fredo Santana = 46 / 206 *Sacrifice = 46 / 206

For one last point, they’re saying he died from an ‘overdose’ on the anniversary of Fredo Santana, January 19, 2021.

1/19/21 = 1+19+21 = 41

Keep in mind, he just changed his name to BIG CEO, equating to 41.

*Can’t Wait = 53 *Baby CEO = 53

Read about the 41 ritual in Harry Brant’s overdose from January 17, 2021.

At the time of his death, his YouTube channel is at 74.7k subs.


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If you’re listening to the media, they’re saying Amanda Gorman’s words can heal the “Civil War” that has been brewing (and recall, we said that would be the symbolism of the January 6, 2021 rally in D.C. BEFORE it happened). Well, let us not forget the American Civil War began April 12, 1861, the 102nd day of the year, in light of the name Amanda Gorman equating to 102.

1/21/20 = 1+21+20 = 42 *Slavery = 102 / 42

*Nigger = 102 / 42

*See past posts on how this number is associated with racial slurs

This is the 59th U.S. Presidential Inauguration and the Civl War ended on May 9, or 5/9
263, 56th prime *Civil War = 56 *Washington D.C. = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

Keep in mind, this comes on the back of Civil War statues being torn down all over the nation after the televised and staged killing of George Perry Floyd, May 25, 2020, Memorial Day.

Keep in mind the Catholic Church is obsessed with Hills, and they are the stage conductors, and likely the authors of this poem, ‘The Hill We Climb’.

New World Order = 69 / 75

And for the record, the name Gorman means DARK BLUE, like how the Democrats wear BLUE.

For another kick, her March 7th birthday goes perfect with ‘Joe Biden’ and ‘Harris’, both equating to 37.


And for one last point, notice how ‘poet’ equates to 56, the number of the day and times.

Washington D.C. = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

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Don Sutton has died on January 18, 2021, and I told people the evening prior, to look for a Los Angeles related death on this date because LA is on the 118th Meridian West, has a September 4th birthday, the day leaving 118 days in the year, and has gematria of 118.

Los Angeles, California = 118 *Death = 118 *Homicide = 118
Sutton = 53 *Los Angeles = 53

You could also say he died on 18/1, like 181. *Los Angeles Dodgers = 181

As for him dying at 75, he has died during the NBA’s 75th season, and we already know where this one is going…

He died 74 days before his birthday, or a span of 75, and the Lakers just won the 74th NBA season (and the Dodgers just won the World Series).

And don’t overlook his April 2, or 4/2 birthday, like 42, because he died on 18/1, like 181, the 42nd prime.

Jackie = 42 *LeBron James = 42 *Martin = 42

Keep in mind the Lakers lost on this day, MLK Day, falling to 11-4.

Martin Luther King Jr. = 114 *LeBron James = 114

For another point, he died 83 days after the Dodgers won the World Series on October 27, 2020, 4-2, on the anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s funeral. You could also say it was a span of 84 days (Jesuit = 84).

Murder = 83

Read about ‘murder’ and 83 here.


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Notice, this happened on January 18, 2021, exactly 43 weeks after the birthday of Kyrie Irving, March 23, 2020.

Also, notice on Tuesday January 19, or 1/19, the Nets are doing their publicity for this.


January 19 is 239 days after the reported May 25, 2020 killing of Floyd.

239, 52nd prime *Minnesota = 52

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

This news has been saved for January 19, or 1/19.

As (Abbreviation for Arsenic) *As is 1.19.

And it is the 19th day of the year…


He died January 17, 2021, a date with 59 numerology.

1/17/2021 = 1+17+20+21 = 59

59 is the 17th prime and 59 and 17 connect to ‘kill’.

His son died 46 weeks after his 73rd birthday (or 322 days).

199, 46th prime *Seymour = 73 (Mother’s surname)

*322, the number of Skull and Bones

Stephanie Michelle Seymour = 118

He died 178 days after his mother’s birthday, or on her 179th day of her age.

*Kabbalah = 178

*179, 41st prime *Skull and Bones = 41 *Overdose = 41

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Dead from Covid-19, on a 38 date?

1/16/21 = 1+16+21 = 38

In light of this man serving 19-to-life for ‘murder’, and dying of Covid-19, read more about murder / death and 38 here.


He died 21 days after his 81st birthday, to start ’21.

Ritual = 81 / 81

Jesuit = 21

Harvey Phillip Spector = 257 *Blood Sacrifice = 257

*Lana Clarkson was murdered on the 34th day of 2003. Murder = 34

Celebrity News

He has died at 93, a span of 93 days from his birthday.


And isn’t it odd I just covered Three’s Company and how they lived in Apartment 201 the other day? Notice this man died on a date with 56 numerology, January 14, 2021.

1/14/2021 = 1+14+20+21 = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56
The Jesuit Order = 201