Big Tech Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Today Google pays tribute to Israel Kamakawiwoʻole’s 61st birthday.

Recall, this man died on his 38th day of being 38-years-old.

Read more about 38 and death here:

He died in the year ’97 as well.

*Notorious = 97 (Notorious BIG, another big musician, died in ’97 as well)

Despite the fact he was overweight, I don’t think it was his cause of death.  I think it was murder by numbers.

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Read the prior post on his May 17, 2020 disappearance:

Notice, they saved reporting his death for the 20th of May, in 2020, when 20 is the number of death. *5/20 = 5+20 = 25

This news comes on a date with 65 numerology, and is central to California, at the time of the ‘pandemic’.  Perhaps the fear generated from this story will be used as a deterrent to keep Californians off the beach.  5/20/2020 = 5+20+20+20 = 65

The date also has 45 numerology, and they say he was taken by the Rip Tide.

5/20/20 = 5+20+20 = 45

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

This news comes May 19, 2020, the 44 / 64 date.  *Kill = 44 / 64

He played the part of Tyler Crowley in Twilight.

Aleister Crowley?

The death was six days earlier, May 13, a date with 38 numerology.

5/13/20 = 5+13+20 = 38 *Death = 38 *Murder = 38 *RIP = 38

Read about 38 and death here:

His name had fateful gematria.

*Death = 218 *Murder = 79

*Sacrifice = 73 *Ritual Sacrifice = 73

He died 206-days before his birthday.

Celebrity Coronavirus Entertainment

In this scene, Forrest Gump gives his downwards pointing pentagram, the Medal of Honor, given by the five sided Pentagon, to the love of his life, the five lettered Jenny.

As Jenny rides away with his medal, he poses like Baphomet, a satanic pose and symbol, like the downwards pointing pentagram.

And the “47 cents”…

Notice, Benjamin “Bubba” Buford Blue died on June 7, in 1967, emphasis on ’67, in the war, the same war, Vietnam, where Forrest Gump got the medal.

The name Jenny also fits in, summing to 67.

Notice, he died 97-days after his birthday.  *Death = 97

Forrest became invested in Apple, the company that priced their first consumer computer at $666, the number of the beast.  *Computer = 666

Robert Zemeckis is the director of Forrest Gump, as well as Cast Away, where Tom Hanks ends up taking on a similar look, shown below.

Both films pay tribute to Elvis Presley as well

If you ever watch Cast Away, it is all about ‘time’ and ‘Saturn’ is the keeper of time.

Cast Away begins with Tom Hanks lecturing about how a package shipped from Memphis to Russia in 87 hours isn’t fast enough.

And speaking of time, Forrest Gump pays tribute to 47 once again.

Notice the overlap with ‘Freemasonry’ and ‘Forrest Gump’.

Forrest Gump is set in Alabama.

In the end of the film, the love of his life is sick with HIV.

She was born 16/7, like 167, the 39h prime *HIV = 39

She dies on March 22, 1982, two years before HIV was discovered as the cause of AIDS, 1984. Of course, that was the year Anthony Fauci took his throne and George Orwell wrote his book about. With regards to Fauci, he has had a large hand in the HIV / AIDS agenda, as well as the current ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

*Read about the first case of HIV in 1968 (same year coronavirus was coined):

*The name Jenny sums to 68.

The director of the film was 67-years-old when the coronavirus outbreak of 2020 began, and he is now 68-years-old.  *Wuhan = 67 / 68

Read about why his age matters at this time here, and more about the film Forrest Gump, as well as Tom Hanks and coronavirus:

Celebrity Murder by Numbers Sports

This news was announce May 18, 2020, a date with 63 numerology.

5/18/2020 = 5+18+20+20 = 63

*Pittsburgh Pirates = 228 *Diamondbacks = 228 *Death = 228–spt.html

The news comes 222-days after his 31st birthday.

222 has been a huge number in sports and in news this year, as covered.

Celebrity Christianity Murder by Numbers News

An Evangelist is dead at age 74 on the date we said to circle for killing rituals, May 19, 2020.

Jesus = 74

Cross = 74

Messiah = 74

Gospel = 74

Parables = 74

Jesus Christ = 74

Christianity = 65 / 74

Ravi Zacharias is dead from cancer, on the 44 / 64 date for May, May 19, 2020.

The date numerology for the date is 28, 44 and 64.

5/19/2020 = 5+19+20+20 = 64

5/19/2020 = 5+19+(2+0+2+0) = 28

5/19/20 = 5+19+20+ 44

He is dead on his 55th day of his age age.  *God = 55 *Satan = 55 *Heaven = 55

Celebrity Entertainment News

*Beach Swim = 38 / 83 *Murder = 38 / 83

This black WWE star disappeared Sunday, May 17, 2020, a date with 42 and 62 numerology.

We know what 42 means in regards to black history. It also connects with his surname.

And as a reminder, 62 connects to ‘sacrifice’ and ‘faustian bargain’.

5/17/20 = 5+17+20 = 42

5/17/2020 = 5+17+20+20 = 62

I don’t think it is an accident CNN chose a photo from July 3, or 7/3, like 73.

*Ritual Sacrifice = 73 *Shad Gaspard = 73

Pay attention if he is determined to be dead tomorrow, May 19, 2020, the date with 44 and 64 numerology.  His name sums to 44 and 64.

5/19/20 = 5+19+20 = 44

5/19/2020 = 5+19+20+20 = 64

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Ken Osmond, who starred in Leave it to Beaver until 1963, has died on a date with 63 numerology.

5/18/2020 = 5+18+20+20 = 63

He was 76 and played the part of Eddie Haskell.

He has died on a date with 43 numerology.  5/18/20 = 5+18+20 = 43

RIP = 38 / 43; Killing = 38 / 43

He was born June 7, or 7/6, and died at age 76.

He is dead 20-days before his birthday, in 2020.

*Ken Osmond = 38

His birthday can also be written 6/7, like 67, and he played the part of Eddie Haskell, summing to 67 as well as 76.

Celebrity Murder by Numbers News

*Little Fires Everywhere = 118 *Death = 118

Lynn Shelton has died precisely 33-weeks after Marc Maron’s 56th birthday.

It is interesting that he is 56-years-old at this time, and has the Society of Jesus’s birthday, September 27.  Keep in mind Marc Maron was raised Jewish, in Poland, where Catherine the Great once preserved the Jesuit Order.

The name ‘Maron’ sums to 74, and you know how Jesus, 74 and 33 go together.

Notice the emphasis on ‘a horrendous, sad loss’, summing to 74.

His name Marc Maron has standout gematria as well.

The Jesuits and the Masons might as well be one and the same.

Regarding the Jesuits, she was 54-years-old.

She was one of many deaths on May 15, or 15/5, like 155.

She died 262-days after her August 27 birthday, or on her 263rd day of her age, the 56th prime, connecting to the fact that Marc Maron is 56.

*Society of Jesus = 56