New York vs. Donald J. Trump begins, April 15, 2024

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In light of the 60th US Presidential Election, today is 60 days before Trump’s June 14 birthday.Donald Trump=60 *Alvin Bragg=60 *Indictment=60 Read about 60 and Donald Trump’s ongoing legal battles. June 14 is the 166th day of the leap year, today is the 106th day. This is synced with his 78th birthday. *Cleveland=78 *Kennedy=78 Keep…

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The March on Washington’s 60th anniversary draws thousands to D.C., August 28, 2023

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Again, it is the 60th anniversary, in the time of the 60th US Presidential Election.Donald Trump = 60Indictment = 60*Alvin Bragg = 60Four = 60 DA Willis requested March 4 for Trump 60 days before March 4. Read about that here. Trump got his fourth indictment in the fourth state, Georgia. That’s MLK home state,…

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Atlanta DA Willis requests October 23, 2023 trial for Donald Trump (60 days later)

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There have been many 60 rituals in the lead up to the 60th US Presidential Election. And now the Fulton County DA wants the trial to begin on October 23, 2023, 60 days after today, August 24. Indictment = 60Steven Sadow = 60Alvin Bragg = 60 Remember, this fourth indictment for Trump from the fourth…

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60% of Americans approve of Donald Trump’s indictment, according to CNN, April 3, 2023

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Here comes the latest “Donald Trump 60.” Read about the “60 Judge,” Juan Mercha, who will oversee the arraignment. Read about Donald Trump, Alvin Bragg, the indictment, and 60 here. And notice this sub-headline about 60 Minutes.

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Donald Trump expected to surrender Tuesday, April 4, 2023, precisely 83 weeks before the election

Celebrity Elections Entertainment Federal Government Legal News Predictive Programming Trump is expected to surrender on Tuesday, April 4, 2023, the date written 4/4. Again, he was the 44th person to be President of the United States. He tweeted he would be arrested the day after Stormy Daniels’ 44th birthday.Daniels = 44 The film Joker released in the last days of Joaquin Phoenix being…

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Donald Trump indicted in clear tribute to Skull and Bones (and new Joker film), March 30, 2023

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Trump Indicted = 89 (89th day of the year)Chaos = 89 Recall, the supposed indictment of March 22 was a massive Skull and Bones ritual. And now, the supposed actual indictment, follows the trend. That’s because this comes on 76 date numerology, while Trump is 76 years old, and exactly 76 days before Trump’s…

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Ex-attorney for Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal testifies, April 30, 2024

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Today is April 30, 2024, the 58th birthday of the Church of Satan. As we know, Donald Trump “won” the 58th US Presidential Election, and he ran on MAGA, the highest degree of the Church of Satan. Recall the Church of Satan was founded in San Francisco on April 30, 1966.Stephanie Gregory Clifford=122Satanic=122San Francisco=122-On 122nd…

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