Willie Limond, pro boxer, dead at 45, April 15, 2024 news

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Willie Limond died on 15/4. *Ritual Sacrifice=154

He is dead 73 days after his birthday. *Ritual Sacrifice=154 & 73 *Sarifice=73

Dying at age 45 means he has died in his 46th year of life.

As you know, Genesis 46 is about sacrifice, and Genesis is the first of 73 books in the Catholic Bible. It goes with ‘Catholic’ and also equates to 46.

Limond=67 *Blood Sacrifice=67 *Human Sacrifice=67 *Satanic=67 *Soul=67

You could also say he is dead on his 74th day of his age, and he is born on the 33rd day of the year, for the ‘Jesus’ pattern. *Jesus=74 *Cross=74 *Killing=74

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