DJ Calvin LeBrun, aka Mister Cee, dead at 57, April 10, 2024

Celebrity Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

A New York City legend is dead at 57. *New York City=57 *Entertainment=57

His name connects with New York. *DJ Mister Cee=111 *New York=111

And in light of his connection to Biggie, he died a span of 33 days from March 9, like 39.
Biggie=39 & 33 *New York=39 & 33

Of course, it is 27 years later. *Ritual=27 & 45 *Hip-Hop=45

He also died 213 days after Big Daddy Kane’s 55th birthday. *Death=213

Notice, he also died on 38 date numerology, the ‘death’ number. *4+10+24=38

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