Elon Musks tweet about possibly dying under mysterious circumstances, Sunday, May 8, 2022, 51-days before his 51st birthday

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Musk made this tweet 51-days before his 51st birthday.
Conspiracy = 51

Also noteworthy, the Gematria of his text equates to 321, like a countdown.

And keep in mind this tweet came three days after the release of The Pentaverate, a Mike Myers comedy series on Netflix, about a secret organization that has people fake their death to join. In the show Elon Musk is mentioned in numerous ways, including being the inspiration for the underground electric train they use to travel from New York to Croatia. *Of course Nikola Tesla is from Croatia.


In light of the show being a tribute to the Illuminati, don’t forget Adam Weishaupt established the order on May 1, 1776, emphasis on 5/1, like 51.

And in light of The Pentaverate paying tribute to Freemasonry with the show’s symbolism, let us not forget Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuit, had the plan of infiltrating Freemasonry. This also fits in with date of the tweet, May 8, or 5/8, like 58.



As for the whole Russian threat angle, the tweet came 213-days after Putin’s 69th birthday.
Death = 213 (Satanic)

Dodgers part-owner Todd Boehly wins bid to buy Chelsea FC for $5.25 billion, May 6, 2022

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In light of the LA Rams winning Super Bowl 56 in Los Angeles, it is interesting to note that the Dodgers part owner has bought the Chelsea Football Club on May 6, 2022, or 5/6, a span of 83-days from the Super Bowl, the ‘football’ number.
Los Angeles Rams = 83
Football = 83 / 43 / 29
*Todd Boehly = 43

This purchase came 29-days after baseball season began on April 7.

And regarding 56, there are 5 and 6 sided shapes on a soccer ball (international football).
Odell Beckham Jr. = 56
-Born on day leaving 56-days in year

And the Rams won Super Bowl 56 41-days after David Beckham’s birthday.
Super Bowl = 41
LA = 41

And the name ‘Chelsea’ connects with ‘Los Angeles.’
Chelsea = 53 / 37
Los Angeles = 53 / 37


Country singer Mickey Gilley dead at 86 at the time of the Run for the Roses, the 148th Kentucky Derby, May 7, 2022

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Mickey Leroy Gilley is dead at age 86.

He is dead on the day of the Kentucky Derby, known as the Run for the Roses. And his breakout song was ‘Room Full of Roses,’ recorded in ’74.
Room Full of Roses = 74 / 79
Society of Jesus = 79
Jesus = 74
Cross = 74
Messiah = 74
Gospel = 74
Parables = 74


He is dead 59-days after his birthday.
Freemasonry = 59
Masonic = 74

Jewell Caples, ‘The First Lady of Death Row Records,’ dead at 53, May 6, 2022, after Snoop & Dr. Dre perform in Super Bowl 56

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The First Lady of Death Row Records = 439 (85th prime) *Death Row Records = 85 *National Football League = 85
The Jesuit motto fits in as well *Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85

The First Lady of Death Row Records is dead at 53. As we know, that number is associated with the feminine, as well as football…
Vesica Pisics = 53
Sheela-na-gigs = 53
Womb = 53

She died on a date with 53 numerology as well.
5/6/2022 = 5+6+20+22 = 53

She has died on May 6, or 5/6.
Black Lives Matter = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

Think of Snoop Dogg’s Murder was the Case and the significance of 56.

Think of Snoop Dogg just having performed in Super Bowl 56 while Dr. Dre was 56-years-old.

She has died 82-days after the Super Bowl, or a span of 83.
Vesica Piscis = 82 / 53
Football = 83
Murder = 83

Furthermore, she is dead a span of 38-days from her upcoming June 12 birthday.
-It is also a span of 5-months and 3-days (Dead at 53)


Read about 38 and death here.

She died on the first day of the 47th week of her age.
*First Super Bowl in 47th NFL season
Time = 47

The mention of her song reaching #72 is a clear Jesuit tribute.
Jesuit Order = 72 / 54

And keep in mind dying at 53, means she has died in her 54th year or life.

And notice her name had the 201 encoded.
Jewell Caples = 201


The Art of Dialogue = 85
Death Row Records = 85
National Football League = 85
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85
The First Lady of Death Row Records = 439 (85th prime)

She is dead 3,831-days after starting her YouTube channel, November 9, 2011.

November 9 to the end of the year is a total of 53-days.

She is dead 77-days after Dr. Dre’s birthday.

She is also dead on Snoop Dogg’s 199th day of his age.
199, 46th prime
Sacrifice = 46
Rap = 46

Recall the death of Whodini’s John Fletcher at 56, who did the song Friends, right before Snoop was doing the Corona ad with his song.

She is also dead 17-days after Suge Knight’s birthday.
Kill = 17

Bill Gates opens up on vaccine conspiracy theories in BBC interview, May 5, 2022

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This story came on May 5, 2022, the 125th day of the year.

Keep in mind Bill Gates was born in ’55, the year they had to stop the polio vaccine.

And don’t forget this man started with computers (computer viruses) before he got into vaccines and human viruses, and of course computers are being used to keep surveillance over people, for the purposes of the pandemic and more.

This story also comes just five days after Gates called for “global surveillance” to prevent the next pandemic with his April 30, 2022 post.

And don’t forget the technology he funded at MIT which has the ability to keep medical records inside the human body, or Microsoft’s “60606” patent.


This news came exactly 27-weeks after his birthday.
Ritual = 27

Kevin Samuels, Jesuit owned YouTuber, reportedly dead at 56, May 5, 2022, 86-days after his interview with Future

Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers New World Order News

The rumors of this man’s death came on his 54th day of being 56-years-old. We’ve seen this pattern before. RIP Omar.
Jesuit Order = 54
Society of Jesus = 56

*This man’s bio says he was born March 13, 1965, which means he should be 57.

Dr. Kevin Samuels = 56

Healing Together = 82 (8/2 broadcast, February 8 with Future)
-8/2 or 2/8 date, like 82 and 28

Healing Together = 251 (54th prime)

This site also has his birthday as March 13, but a different year, 1971.

As for them reporting his death at 56, he recently collaborated with Future who has the mixtape titled 56 Nights.

And Kevin Samuels’ February 8, 2022 interview with Future to his death was 86-days later.

So it’s not hard to see that at the very least, his career on YouTube got 86’d.

Healing Together = 82 (8/2 release date) *Healing Together = 251 (54th prime number)
Future = 28 (2/8 or 8/2 date)

Adding to the ritual, Kevin Samuels is reported dead on the 125th day of the year and Future just paid tribute to him with the song ‘Worst Day.’

This was posted on the 42nd day of the year *Slavey = 42 *Nigger = 42 *February = 42 *Tuskegee = 42 *Etc…


Also, keep in mind Future is 38-years-old right now.
Death = 38
Murder = 38
Killing = 38
RIP = 38
*Pandemic = 38

The death came 166-days after his 38th birthday.
Secret Society = 166

Read about the recent ritual with Future’s “Mask Off” anniversary and the Florida judge ruling to stop the mask mandate in airports, April 18, 2022.
April = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

And finally, his 5/5 death goes with his black fraternity,

He died on the 121st day of the order’s existence.
Blood Sacrifice = 121 / 86

Notice also his remarks on the fraternity, founded in Bloomington, were on May 16, the 136th day of the year, connecting to the city.


Notice his YouTube page was created on May 20, 2015, a special date to the Jesuit cabal. It’s the day in history Ignatius of Loyola began his plan to create the Jesuit Order. That is why it is New Year’s Day on the Ignatian Calendar.

His first video was dedicated to marketing the product, Tom Ford Black Orchid.
Tom Ford Black Orchid = 177
The Jesuit Order = 177

Update: His age of death has changed from 56 in the headlines, to 57.

Dave Chappelle’s first joke after onstage attack at Hollywood Bowl was “that was a trans man,” May 3, 2022

Celebrity Entertainment News Psychological Operation Staged Media / Controlled Opposition Transgender / LGBTQ

So predictable. On May 3 (5/3), this had to be the headline.
Transgender = 53
Hollywood Bowl = 53

Read the ‘transgender’ prediction for the Dave Chappelle attack here.

And remember, this happened at the ‘Hollywood Bowl’ on 5/3…

Dave Chappelle = 241, 53rd prime
6’4″ Lia Thomas of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania = 53

Of course, ‘transgender’ refuge in the U.S. was one of the top stories on May 3, 2022.

And in history the first transgender person died on this day, May 3, 1989.

It’s also the day Family Guy predicted Bruce Jenner would become trans in 2009.

And read about Kayla’s ‘Pose’ find in relation to the transgender “53” rituals.


Dave Chappelle reportedly attacked on May 3, 2022 at Hollywood Bowl (by the numbers)

Celebrity Entertainment News Staged Media / Controlled Opposition Transgender / LGBTQ

Something tells me they’ll say this was connected to the LGBTQ community. Recall he was scorned for speaking facts on the community October 5, 2021.

In this case the attack came on May 3, or 5/3 or 3/5, like 53 and 35.
Gender = 53 / 35
Transgeder = 53
Dave Chappelle = 241 (53rd prime)
*Hollywood Bowl = 53

This also came exactly 36-weeks after his August 24 birthday.
Attacked = 151 (36th prime)

And notice the event relates to Netflix, like his October 5 comedy special.


Toddlers and Tiaras star Kailia Posey reportedly commits suicide at age 16, May 2, 2022 (and May 3 news)

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers New World Order News


This news broke on May 3, the 123rd day of the year.

She is died 53-weeks and 1-days after receiving the check shown in the photo.
53, 16th prime
Dead at 16

Notice the gematria of ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’ equating to 67, the sacrifice number.

Marcy Posey Gatterman = 86
Blood Sacrifice = 67 / 86
Human Sacrifice = 67 / 86

-The cause of death, “suicide,” is according to her mother

They’re saying she committed suicide on May 2, 2022, the 122nd day of the year. The 67 and 122 connect with the ‘satanic’ blood sacrifice rituals we see so often.

She was found dead on the 122nd Meridian West, in Lynden, Washington.


May 2 can be written 2/5, like 25.
Kailia = 25
Death = 25
-SR of 25 is 5
-She mader her debut on TV at age 5

And with regards to ‘suicide’ being a big theme in 2022, ‘toddlers’ fits in.
Suicide = 34 / 47 / 119
Toddlers = 34 / 47 / 119
-Toddlers = 97 (25th prime)
-Death = 25 / 97
-Dead on 2/5

She died in ‘Blaine,’ Washington.

She turned 16 on April 20, meaning she died on her 13th day of her age.
The Learning Channel = 91 (13th triangular number)
-Her show was on TLC

You could also say she died 12-days after her birthday, and she made her debut on TLC’s show in the year 2012, emphasis on ’12.



She was found dead at Birch Bay State Park in Lynden, Washington.

Vague report, go figure…


Her town of Lynden was established in 1874, and has ’74’ gematria as well.

Of course, the Society of Jesus, which is Catholic and Jewish, is behind all the rituals.

Also adding to the list, the park is in ‘Blaine, Washington.’
Blaine, Washington = 74

Bill Gates calls for global surveillance in the name of stopping the next pandemic, April 30, 2022

Catholic Church Celebrity Coronavirus Federal Government Jesuit New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny


GERM stands for Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization.
Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization = 206 (Seattle area code is (206))

As for the acronym, it should remind you of a few things.
Germ = 43 / 65
Pandemic = 43 / 65

Recall, in the Event 201 simulation, 65 million people die and it was conducted on October 18, 2019, Melinda Gates’ 65th day of her age. It went along with the Covid-19 vaccine going live on Bill Gates 42nd day of being 65-years-old.
Vaccine = 42
-Washington, 42nd state

First case of COVID-19 confirmed in Bill Gates backyard January 15, or 15/1, like 151.

Keep in mind Gates predicted the next pandemic from Germany, not far off from GERM.

And notice how Bill Gates referenced the movie Outbreak in his writeup on his new surveillance idea.
Surveillance = 51
Outbreak = 51

Recall Cuomo’s Covid-19 ritual in tribute to the film Outbreak.

Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network = 155 *Coronavirus = 155


Gates published this on April 30 the 120th day of 2022.
Order of Illuminati = 201 / 258
William Henry Gates = 201 / 258
Illuminati = 120

This was published 26-weeks and 3-days into his age.
263, 56th prime
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

And again, he used to be Mr. Computer Virus, now he is Mr. Virus & Vaccine. And think about how the virus the excuse for the expansion of the computerized surveillance state.