February 8, 2024, a great day for Donald Trump, but not for Joe Biden

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February 8, the 39th day of the year, is being touted as a big day for Donald Trump on the road to the 2024 election, November 5. This is so because the Supreme Court signaled he will be on the ballot, not labeled an “insurrectionist,” and also because Joe Biden was labeled as an old man with a failing memory, making him an obvious poor choice in the next “selection.”

Notice February 8 was the 39th day of the year.
Masonry=39, Secrecy=39, Federal=39

It was also 271 days before the November 5 election, the 58th prime.
Freemasonry=58, Rosicrucian=58, Solomon’s Temple=58, Secret Society=58

Recall, Donald Trump won the 58th US Presidential Election, after announcing he was running from the 58-story Trump Tower.

February 8, 2024 was also 239 days after Trump’s birthday, the man with the US flag’s birthday, who took office while the US Flag was 239 years old. The number 239 is the 52nd prime.

Read more about Joe Biden’s Special Counsel report on this same day here.


And notice this headline from the GOP’s news network, Fox News.

February 9 was 88 days after the Superior General’s birthday.

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