The Death of Shanquella Robinson: Destruction of the Sacred Feminine, Charlotte, Isis and The High Priestess.

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An American tourist named Shanquilla Robinson was reported to have been killed under mysterious circumstances in Mexico on October 29th, 2022.

She traveled to the Fundadores Beach Club on October 28th in the resort city of San Jose Del Cabo.

The element of this case that suggests that it might be some sort of ritual sacrifice, is the Shanquilla Robinson’s home town which is Charlotte, North Carolina.

I have been focusing on Charlotte ever since the September 8th, 2022 death of Queen Elizabeth II where her Great granddaughter Princess Charlotte seemed to be the center of the media’s attention.

Princess Charlotte was named after Queen Charlotte of Great Britain was the Queen Consort at the time that the United States received independence from them on July 4th, 1776. This makes her especially significant to the United States of America.

U.S. independence from Great Britain is esoterically significant now because the United States is experiencing what is known as its Pluto return in 2022.

Pluto is the outermost planet with the longest orbit. Pluto return in astrology is when the planet comes back to its location in the sign and degree that it occupied at the time of birth or some other significant event. In 2022 Pluto returned to its location in Capricorn, that it occupied on July 4th, 1776. Charlotte was British Queen and former Queen of the American colonies at the time.

Queen Elizabeth died on September 8th, 2022 which is the anniversary of Charlotte becoming Queen Consort when she married George III in 1761.

The spider Charlotte of the classic children’s novel Charlotte’s Web was – not officially – but most likely named after Queen Charlotte. Spider symbolism was front and center at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral when a spider appeared on her coffin.

52 is a very key code number here.

Princess Charlotte was born May 2nd or 2nd May a date written 5-2 or 2-5 like 52 or 25.

The book Charlotte’s Web was published in the year ’52.

In gematria “CHARLOTTE’S WEB” has a value of 52.

Charlotte the title spider is a barn spider of the genus and species Araneus Cavaticus”.

“Araneus Cavaticus” sums to 52 the way “Barn Spider” sums to 52.

Shanquella Robinson was from the city named after Queen Charlotte: Charlotte, North Carolina.

Her first name “Shanquella” sums to 52 in gematria.

Shanquella Robinson was 25 years old like the date 2nd May, and a reflexion of 52.

From the date of Shanquella Robinson’s death of October 29th, 2022 to the anniversary of the death of Queen Charlotte November 17th, 2022 is 2 weeks 5 days like 25, the age at which she died.

That same time frame is 19 days. 19 is the gematria value of “QUEEN”.

From Queen Elizabeth II’s September 8th, 2022 death date through to and including the date of Shanquella Robinson’s death is a span of 52 days.

September 8th is the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The earliest recorded account of the birth of the Virgin Mary is in the non-cannon Gospel of James Chapter 5 verse 2. 5-2.

This is another association between the Virgin Mary, September 8th and the number 52.

The Virgin Mary is a Christian version based off of Isis of Ancient Egypt. In gematria “ISIS” sums to 52.

This ritual appears to be for the “Destruction of the Sacred Feminine”. Shanquella Robinson was Queen Charlotte and a symbolic Mary / Isis.

September 8th is the anniversary of Charlotte becoming Queen when she married King George III in 1761.

The spider Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web is most likely named after Queen Charlotte. In the 2006 cinematic adaptation of Charlotte’s Web the title character Charlotte is voiced by Julia Roberts.

On the very day that Queen Elizabeth II died, September 8th, 2022 a movie starring Julia Roberts, the voice of Charlotte, and George Clooney was released. It is a romance comedy called Ticket to Paradise.

The two stars are Charlotte/Julia Roberts and George Clooney. It was released on September 8th because that is the anniversary of Charlotte marrying George to become Queen Consort.

In gematria “CLOONEY” has a value of 89 like the date 8-9 8th September on which Charlotte married George.

The date on which Queen Elizabeth II died which the date that Ticket to Paradise was first publicly screened and the opening day of the National Football league in SoFiStadium Los Angeles, a stadium opened in 2020 on September 8th.

According to reports, this one is from the New York Post, Shanquella Robinson arrived at her vacation destination on October:

“Shanquella Robinson, 25, of Charlotte, traveled on Oct. 28 with six friends to the resort city of San José del Cabo, where they stayed at the swanky Fundadores Beach Club”

October 28th is the birthday of Julia Roberts who represents Charlotte as does the home city of Shanquella Robinson.

Shanquella Robinson arrived at Fundadores Beach Club on Julia Roberts’ 55th birthday.

In gematria “FUNDADORES” has a value of 55.

Shanquella Robinson died 5 weeks 5 days after the September 19th funeral of Queen Elizabeth II where a spider appeared on her coffin as a possible “Charlotte” reference.


Tarot is very often used in ritual magic such as what this could possibly have been.

Sanquilla Robinson’s mother is named Sallamondra Robinson. The name “Sallamondra” invokes “Salamon” which is version of Solomon.

Solomon is central to Western and Eastern ritual magic. The pillars of Solomon Boaz and Jachin appear on The High Priestess card which includes Isis. Shanquella is an Isis figure. In gematria “SHANQUELLA” AND “ISIS” both sum to 52. Charlotte is connected to the Virgin Mary and Isis through the date September 8th.

In gematria “THE HIGH PRIESTESS” sums to 195.

195 is the date 19th May which is the birthday of Queen Charlotte. So The High Priestess card – through gematria – does indeed connect to Shanquella Robinson of Charlotte.

The full name of the voice of Charlotte “JULIA FIONA ROBERTS” sums to 195 like 19th May the birthday of Queen Charlotte.

Race is a subtext to this narrative. although she was mostly German, Queen Charlotte is purported to have possibly had some African ancestry.

As homage to a mixed race Queen Charlotte American Meghan Markle who is mixed race, married Britain’s Prince Harry in a ceremony held on Queen Charlotte’s posthumous birthday 19th May, 2018.

Because race is part of the Charlotte narrative, it is most likely that Shanquella Robinson’s race played a part in the ritual as far as who should take the role of Charlotte/Isis.

Julia Roberts is also part of the racial narrative as it is said that African American civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife Coretta Scott King payed the hospital bill for Julia Roberts’ mother Betty Lou Roberts when she delivered Julia.

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  1. ceepup on December 1, 2022 at 11:01 am

    Singer and song writer Eddie Money (Edward Joseph Mahoney born 3/21/1949-9/13/2019. He has a song called, Two Tickets to Paradise it was released on 6/24/1978 on Columbia Records. Song is 3:58 long for album and single 3:07. Song Lyrics – I’m gonna take you on a trip do far from here I’ve got two tickets I’m my pocket, now baby, we’re gonna disappear. I’ve got two tickets to Paradise won’t you pack your bags ,we’ll leave tonight. I remember that song and never liked it when it was out back in 78. Sound like an amateur singer and it was annoying!

  2. ceepup on December 1, 2022 at 11:22 am

    Shanquella Robinson , Shanquilla name numerology is 6,Shaq, 12/20/2017.Shanquilla Garvey a mother supposedly killed her 9 month old baby girl.
    There is a soccer player named Shaquell Kwame Shaq Moore born 11/2/1996 26 years old.He plays the right-back for Major League Soccer club of Nashville SC and the US team.Novrmber 9,2022 he was named to the final USA Squad FIFA World Cup.

  3. Fernando J. González G. on December 2, 2022 at 1:11 pm

    Spiders are arthropods, and like all anthropods they have an exoskeleton (external skeleton in the form of a shell), which they must shed throughout their lives: this is known as molting.

    Snakes also shed their skin. The snakes are a recurring symbol in the representations of ancient Egypt, on many occasions they appear next to the solar disk. The sun and the serpents then together represent rebirth.

    That a spider appears in the coffin of an old woman, it can represent her renaissance, the shedding of the old skin to a rejuvenated skin… in that of Princess Charlotte.

    [spiders] = 90 / 36 / 99 = [molting]

    [spider’s web] = 120 / 48 / 150 = [Illuminati]
    (the media conspiracy is that the Illuminati controls the world, always under the web of money, dollars, and the internet, w.w.web)

    “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here”, Bohemian club motto, the weaver spiders do not come to the club because they are not going to “work” (conspire) like controlling the world, it is just a club for the rich to have fun.

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