Jesuit Military Science Weather

This news comes Tuesday, June 23, 2020, a date with 69 and 33numerology.

6/23/2020 = 6+23+20+20 = 69

6/23/2020 = 6+23+(2+0+2+0) = 33

The 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Mexico is a stand out magnitude, similar to 74.  We know how they love to bring 33 and 74 together.  You’ll notice when you read the article, it was felt in multiple neighboring nations of Mexico.

Recall the earthquake in Southern California, July 4, 2019, on the U.S. nation’s 243rd birthday.

The Manhattan Project was named after the city in New York, on the 74th Meridian West, where the WTCs turned to dust on 9/11/2001.

Read about Mexico City’s 32 year anniversary earthquake, September 19, 2017:

Read about the July 4, 2019 1776 ritual with the California earthquake:

You’ll notice the epicenter was in El Coyul.

El Coyul and Mexico have a lot in common in gematria.

Weapons = 93

Atomic Bomb = 93

Last pilot to drop the atomic bomb died at age 93.  And the U.S. military planted these bombs all over the earth for testing purposes for about half a decade.

7.4, 74. *Jesus = 74; Cross = 74

6.8, 68. Crucifixion = 68

10:29?  29 is the 10th prime.  

10 represents satan and God in gematria.

This ritual takes place June 23, 2020, the day leaving 191 days in the year.

Society of Jesus sums to 191.

And 74 connects with Jesus.

Jesus on the cross at 33. The 7.4 on the 33 date numerology.

They first reported the earthquake as a 7.7.

Keep in mind, Anthony Fauci, a member of the Society of Jesus. is the front page story today.

Dr. Fauci = 35 / 46; Catholic = 35 / 46 *Virus = 46 *Chaos = 46


Read about Cristobal forming June 2, 2020:

Tropical Storm Cristobal, that emerged June 2, by the numbers, is set to make landfall on June 7, 2020.  This is curious because the name Cristobal means “Christ Bearer”, and think about how Christians worship on Sunday.

The name of the storm sums to 145, the same as ‘Catholic’.

And it sums to 316, the same as Jesus Christ in Hebrew.  Consider, John 3:16.

It will make Landfall on Louisiana, summing to 101, the 26th prime, and reminding of the date it formed, June 2, or 6/2, or 2/6, like 62 and 26.  *Tropical Storm = 26

*Cristobal = 99 / 63 *Racism = 63 / 99

99 and 63 are big numbers with the George Floyd protests right now.

News Weather

This news comes June 2, a date that can be expressed 6/2, or 2/6, like 62 an 26.

We have a tropical storm flooding?

Think Torah. Think of the biblical flood.

June 6, 2020 will be the date with 52 numerology.

*Flood = 52 *Earth = 52 *Hurricane = 52

This is very early in the year for this kind of weather…

Military News Weather

Ampham is making landfall on a date with 29 numerology.  *109, 29th prime

5/20/2020 = 5+20+(2+0+2+0) = 29

*Flooded = 29

*Bangladesh = 197 (45th prime) *5/20/20 = 5+20+20 = 45

Keep in mind the military is in control of the weather, and the same type of ritual is taking place in Michigan at this moment. Read more about Michigan here:

Military News Weather

The Michigan dams were breached Tuesday, May 19, 2020, the date with 44 and 64 numerology.

5/19/2020 = 5+19+20+20 = 64

5/19/20 = 5+19+20 = 44

As we know, on 44 and 64 dates, tragedies always strike locations and people that have the connections to the same numbers.

Rest assured, this is the work of the military.

The name of the ‘Edenville Dam’ sums to 52 like flood and 106 like ‘natural disaster’.

Keep in mind ‘prophecy’ sums to 52 and 106.

And if you have not read my book, the chapter on weather warfare focuses on how 52 is the signature number of military actions that are blamed on “mother nature”.

As for ‘Sanford’, it sums to 40, reminding of 40-days and 40-nights.

As I predicted at the beginning of the year, 2020 would have a theme of death and natural disasters would be worse than normal.  That prediction has been dead on.  For ‘Midland County’, this “natural disaster” comes alongside the coronavirus outbreak.  Notice the gematria parallel.

Military Science Weather

On May 7, 2020, it was projected that this year’s hurricane season will be worse than normal, which comes as no surprise.  This was one of many several correct predictions I made for 2020, including the theme of this year being ‘death’, because ‘death’ sums to 20 in gematria.  Of course, storms bring about death.

If you have read my book, the chapter on weather warfare covers how 52 is the signature number of the cabal when it comes to weather warfare, and not by accident, the date of this projection, May 7, 2020, had 52 date numerology.

5/7/2020 = 5+7+20+20 = 52

Military Weather

Mother Nature going mad for Mother’s Day weekend?

This bomb cyclone is set to take effect Friday, May 8, 2020, a date with 53 numerology.

5/8/2020 = 5+8+20+20 = 53

Keep in mind today’s date can be written 8/5, like 85, fitting for a ‘storm’.

It’s a fitting date numerology for surprise snow as well, having 17 date numerology.

5/8/2020 = 5+8+(2+0+2+0) = 17

Sunday, Mother’s Day, will have 19 date numerology.

5/10/2020 = 5+10+(2+0+2+0) = 19

Keep in mind Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020, will be the 131st day of the year, the 32nd prime. *Bomb = 2+15+13+2 = 32

Christianity Military Weather

This news comes April 12, 2020, a perfect date for a ‘natural disaster’.  It has 56 date numerology, leaves 263-days left in the year (56th prime), and in non-leap-years, is the 102nd day of the year.

4/12/2020 = 4+12+20+20 = 56

Notice the emphasis on ‘catastrophic’.  It codes 52, the signature number of weather warfare, as I wrote about in my book Letters & Numbers.

*Earth = 52 *Flood = 52 *Hurricane = 52

It also codes 74, THEE signature number.

These ‘tornadoes’ are the work of the beast system.

Don’t forget this letter written by Warren Buffet, Saturday, February 23, 2019.  The date 2/23, like 223, was no mistake.

*The Synagogue of Satan = 223 *Masonic = 223

The term ‘megacatastrophe’ is interesting…

Armageddon fits in with the ongoing Revelation theming of the outbreak.

Read about Har Megiddo and 201:

95-million people?  Remember, 666-days is 95-weeks and 1-day.

*Tornadoes = 666