First significant snowstorm of the year comes to Pacific Northwest, October 23, 2023

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The snow will begin Monday night, and I can see we are in the snow zone so I’ll be sure to report back if it happens. The funny thing is, yesterday it was 70, and yes, today is noticeably colder, by a lot. Historically, there weren’t rapid transitions like this so often, but it has become more the norm the last five years for the region (and from what I hear, a lot of places). To me, it seems to be manipulated.
10/23/23 = 10+23+23=56
Climate Change=56

When you embrace the true spirit of Yeshua, perhaps…

Biblical History Religion Weather

I think I taught some important lessons today (see YouTube video published Oct. 7, 2023).

They expose the truth of this ritual that will become worse.

From the 40th anniversary of this day in history… the day I was born…

The 79th day…

Funny enough I was born July 21, 1983, turning 40 earlier this year.

And weirder yet, my mother’s birthday is the Virgin Mary’s, September 8. RIP to the Queen.

Even weirder, this day is very important to the Catholics and my mother turned 71 this year. She was born September 8, 1952, days after the first admitted act of weather warfare was admitted to, August 15, 1952, on the Jesuit Order’s birthday.

I was raised Lutheran, but my mom put me in Catholic school for Kindergarten and First Grade due to the all day care they had for free (practically).

Anyhow, Jupiter is Zeus and Thursday is named after Jupiter. July 21, 1983 was a Thursday.

The name Jesus, the rebranding of Yeshua, is a merger of Jupiter and Zeus.

Today is 10/7 *Military = 107 (A lesson I have taught many times)

Today, 10/7, I feel justified in spending over the last decade of my life trying to wake people up to be prepared for and possibly prevent what is coming.

My mom doesn’t know why she called me Zachary Keefe Hubbard, but it does go with my father’s name, and my mother’s birthday, 8/9, like the 89 chapters in the Gospel.

Religion = 89 *King James = 89 (King James Bible) (89 chapters in the Gospel)

And notice what the temperate was on July 21, 1983, –89 celsius.

And why is ASU name Google’s primary source for this stat (at least when I searched)? I know it wasn’t this way in the past. Maybe Google’s search engine on my computer is being tailored to me based on its data collection? Of course, I went to Arizona State…

89 is the 11th Fibonacci number, 144 is the 12th. My parent’s birthdays are 144 days apart, April 18 to September 8.

37, 12th prime *144, square root 12 *12 & time
Everything’s synced with the sky calendar

The 144,000…

*Technically, my dad was born in ’53, so 222 days after my mother. Those two, made me.

And last, notice the meaning of Timothy, my father’s name.


Shortly after making this post, this comment was left in regard to my video on the war starting in Israel with Hamas. What are the odds? I don’t think they read this post.

Also strange I was about 5 minutes and 10 seconds into this playlist when I was reading this post. Listen to what is in the words from 5 minutes and 10 seconds to about 40. #SignsFromCreator

I suppose it has something to do with why people have mistakenly called me Joshua my whole life.

New York experienced the most rain at JFK International Airport since 1948 on September 29, 2023

Climate Change / Environment Flood History Military News Weather

Remember, John F. Kennedy gave his weather control speech on September 25, 1961, and then after his death, Lyndon Johnson said, “who controls the weather controls the world.” It goes with 1948 being 75-years-ago, and the Jesuits being in control of the militaries that control the weather.
New World Order = 75
Catholic Church = 75
*Order = 75

New York, New York gets flooded, September 29, 2023

Climate Change / Environment Military News Weather

The New York flooding news comes September 29, 2023, the day leaving 93 days in the year.
New York, NY = 93

Last night CNN reported this storm was “targeting” New York. Hello weather warfare.

I imagine it is a tribute to the biblical flood in the Old Testament. New York is New Babylon after all and it goes with today being September 29, or 9/29, and the 929 chapters in the Old Testament.

Authorities reduce death toll to 97 in Maui, September 15, 2023

Death Fire Government Jewish Related Murder by Numbers News Weather

This adjustment to 97 deaths came 38 days after the fires began on August 8.

Recall the deadly spread of the ‘fire’ was blamed on the ‘hurricane’ winds of Dora.

This also happened on the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. It goes with the Jewish Governor Josh Green, who was talking Green New Deal abroad when Hawaii burned up on his 247th day in office, while the United States of America is 247 years old.

He points out it is “day 38.”

Flood rains kill thousands in Libya, September 11, 2023

Federal Government Military Murder by Numbers News Population Control Weather

The Libya flooding can’t even make the top story. Politics is hire. That’s the programming. “Libya doesn’t matter.” Don’t worry about Libya, but Ukraine! Let me tell you about Ukraine!

Notice this happened on September 11.

Muammar Gaddafi was killed in 2011, and he warned about Arab League (formed March 22, 1945) that anyone them could be next in the post 9/11 era after Saddam Hussein was overthrown for no good reason. He didn’t live much longer.

This also happened on the 22nd Meridian East, on the 22nd anniversary of September 11, 2001.

The New York Jets won with 22 points in the NFL, think about it.

This also reminds us there was a massive hurricane off the coast of New York the day of 9/11/2001.

And 22 years ago, those were early estimates, of 2,000 dead, after what happened…

This news comes on the kill date, and it’s a familiar target, Libya.
September 12, 2023 has 64 / 44 / 28 date numerology
9+12+20+23 = 64
9+12+23 = 44
9+12+(2+0+2+3) = 28
Kill = 64 / 44 / 28

Remember what they just did to Maui before the state’s 64th birthday?

It burned up four days after #44’s birthday, Barack Obama. He’s from Hawaii.

And his VP, Joe Biden, went to Hawaii for the state’s 64th birthday. *Joe Biden = 64 & 44

Obama became #44, 44 years after the Civil Rights Act of ’64. *Hope = 64 & 44

The important word here is also ‘military.
Military = 44
Soldier = 44
Infantry = 44
Trooper = 44

Here’s another 44 word, HAARP.

It is also 91, like Derna, Libya.

Also, we talked about the destruction in Maui on Kanye’s 62nd day of being age 46, and right after Obama’s 62nd birthday, and the history of those numbers and weather warfare. In this case, the flooding hit Derna, Libya the hardest.
Derna, Libya = 46 & 62

At least 145 were Egyptian? Again, there are 145 more chapters in the Catholic Old Testament than Protestant). And the word Catholic itself equates to 145.
Catholic = 145 & 46 (there are 46 books in Catholic OT)

Recall the ritual with 71 in Maui.

Recall, JFK, the first Catholic, #35, killed at age 46. Now the same pattern with Joe Biden, so far.

For one more, this happened on a 63 date numerology.
The Illuminati = 63
Terrorism = 63

Hurricane Lee’s “historic intensification” on September 7, 2023 (from Category 1 to 5) (the Robert E. Lee thing)

Climate Change / Environment History News Secret Societies War Weather

Notice the detail about the new 9/11 victims identified, the first in two years. This news comes September 8, 2023, three days before September 11.

It is a reminder that there was a hurricane off the coast of New York the day of September 11. It never made landfall. *Hurricane Lee = 119 (like 11/9)

It was Thursday, September 7, that Lee did something “historic.”

9/7 is like 97.

Rubin Carter, the ‘Hurricane.’

Jay-Z aka Sean Carter, Mr. Hawaiian Sophie.

Biggie dead in ’97.

And on September 7, or 9/7, Hurricane Lee went from a 1 to a 5 at historic pace.

Poseidon, related to storms and water, the god of the seas. His name has the 97 & 119 connection.
Poseidon = 97 & 119 *Hurricane Lee = 119

The 97 and 119 also tie back to Robert E. Lee and the Civil War.

Category 5.

155 MPHs.

550 miles east.



Hurricane Lee is the 13th named storm of the year. And recall, Hawaii got smashed 13 days before the state’s anniversary of becoming the 50th and final. *America = 50 (land of 13 stripes)

And with all the ritual and Confederate themes, think of Robert E. Lee. His upcoming death anniversary is October 12, 2023, meaning this year will be the 153rd year since his passing (The Illuminati = 153, Jesuit Order = 153, Holy Bible = 153). His birthday is also interesting.

He died exactly 38 weeks after his birthday *Death = 38 *Murder = 38 *Killing = 38 *RIP = 38

His birthday was January 19, or 1/19. *Hurricane Lee = 119

September 7 was the 250th day of the year. *Robert Edward Lee = 250

Weather warfare by the numbers.

155 MPH winds in the story.
74 MPH, qualifying wind speeds for a hurricane
250th day of the year
Maui burned up on August 8 in a 74 related ritual

Robert E. Lee died 266 days after his birthday (38 weeks). We are living in the time of the 266th Pope, said by some to be the last, and he did speak in DC on September 23, 2015, the 266th day of the year.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266

Lincoln blamed the Civil War on the Jesuits

Hawaii Governor says “fire hurricane” is the result of global warming, August 13, 2023 (and Moana)

Entertainment Fire Government Predictive Programming Weather

Notice, the death toll was at 93 on a “Sunday,” while Governor Josh Green called the devastating storm that wiped out Lahaina a “fire hurricane.” It goes with the tragedy being synced with The Rock’s announcement of the new Moana on April 3, 2023, the 93rd day of the year, and the fact that the fire monster in the film has a hurricane symbol on its chest.
Order of Illuminati = 93

Invest L95 to become Hurricane Lee, September 5, 2023 news

News Weather

Invest in 95L on Tuesday, 9/5?
Tuesday = 95

Remember, the number 95 is symbolic to the Jesuits, and the first act of weather warfare was admitted to August 15, 1952.

This storm better not end up impacting Baltimore before the NFL season gets under way, ending on the Vatican’s 95th birthday. *Baltimore = 95

Today’s date can also be written 5/9. *Lee = 59