Black Lives Matter Government History News Psychological Operation Racism

You have to love the update, 47 after the hour.

Judge = 47, Gavel = 47, Authority = 47
Policeman = 47, Cop = 47

George Floyd was 46, meaning he was in his 47th year of life.

Time = 47

And notice, at 4:07 local, the verdict was confirmed, GUILTY.

Of course 47 is the number of authority, and news.

Thus, it was all too perfect, and right on ‘time’.

This news comes comes exactly 47 weeks after the video of the killing was released, May 26, 2020.

Also, today is 330 days after the reported death of George Floyd, May 25, 2020. 33…

Recall the parallels with the Rodney King beating of March 3, 1991, and the acquittal on April 29, 1992, as well as the fact that rioting began on East 33rd St. in Minneapolis after the killing of George Floyd. In this case, the outcome is the opposite, where the victim’s family beats the police.

Keep in mind the verdict comes on Chauvin’s 33rd day of his age, 45.

The decision was on a date with 45 numerology as well as 65.

4/20/21 = 4+20+21 = 45

Derek Chauvin is 45 now.

4/20/2021 = 4+20+20+21 = 65

And notice how the ‘three’ guilty counts fits in.

The guilty verdict also came at 16:07 military, a bit like 167, the 39th prime.

George = 39, Gemini = 39

History Jesuit News Police State Politics Psychological Operation Shooting

This happened at a Stop & Shop in Hempstead, New York, on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting in ‘Colorado’, the 38th State in order of statehood.

Death = 38
Murder = 38
Killing = 38
RIP = 38
*Colorado = 38 (38th State)

Read more about 38 and death here.

And notice how ‘Stop & Shop Grocery Store’ equates with 107, the same as ‘shooting’. Shooting = 107

‘Hempstead’ also ties in with shooting.

Hempstead, New York = 202 (Recall the 2:02 ritual with the King Soopers shooting of March 22, 2021)

Tuesday is named after ‘Mars’.

Mars = 201
Columbine Shooting = 201


Black Lives Matter Corporate News Psychological Operation Shooting
drive-thru = 118 *Death = 118 *Homicide = 118

This girl, Jaslyn Adams, was reportedly killed April 18, 2021.

Jaslyn = 18
Adams = 38 / 97 *Death = 38 / 97

Recall, George Floyd was killed on the corner of 38th and Chicago.

Jaslyn Adams = 119 / 178
George Floyd = 119 / 178

Notice the father is reportedly 29.

Jaslyn Adams = 29
Black = 29

Chicago Police?

Jaslyn Adams = 70
Chicago Police = 70

And never forget the McDonald’s mass shooting of July 18, 1984, July 18, or 18/7, like 187, 187 days after the death of Ray Kroc. It ties in with McDonald’s being headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Gun Control News Psychological Operation Racism

A man with an AK-47 from ‘Ohio’, eh?

His name is Saadiq Teague?

Times Square?

TIME = 20+9+13+5 = 47

Notice this story came on the 17th and Ohio is the 17th state (it is about an arrest from the day prior).

Also, the man is from near Columbus, per the article, and the April 16th arrest was the 106th day of the year.

Canal Winchester?

Think of the gun manufacturer, Winchester.

Notice, the story was put out April 17, 2021, a date with 42 numerology.

4/17/21 = 4+17+21 = 42

News Police State Psychological Operation Shooting

This news comes out of Burnsville, near Minneapolis.

Notice the 44 in ‘Burnsville’, reminding of 44-year-old Derek Chauvin at the time of the George Floyd killing, on the 44th Parallel North.

Kill = 44 = 11+9+12+12

And notice how ‘carjacking’ fits in, equating to 193, the 44th prime number.

Carjacking = 67, Police Officer = 67 (67, 19th prime) *Floyd = 19 *Chaos = 19

193, 44th prime number

This news comes on a date 63 and 43 numerology, one day before Monday, the day the Derek Chauvin jury begins to make their decision in the George Floyd killing.

4/18/2021 = 4+18+20+21 = 63 (Racism = 63) *Race = 18 (On the 18th)
4/18/21 = 4+18+21 = 43 (George Floyd = 43) (Civil War = 43)

Burnsville = 136 (16th tri. number)

Black Lives Matter Government News Police State Psychological Operation Racism

This shooting came April 16, 2021, the 106th day of the year.

Black = 106
Black Lives Matter = 106
I can’t breathe = 106

Notice the victim is a white man however, but the response from Portland protesters is similar to that after the killing of George Floyd. And don’t forget last year I told everyone to circle the date September 11, 2020, and Portland, OR, because that date was the 106th day of the BLM protest for George Floyd in the city, and sure enough, Portland made international headlines for the fires that happened in and around the city that day, reportedly having the WORST AIR QUALITY in the world due to the fires. Think about that, black air, and black smoke, and poor breathing conditions… on the 106th day of the “I can’t breathe” protests, the BLM protests…

Also, notice on the 106th day of the year, where the man was shot, there was a planned protest and vigil for the killing of Daunte Wright in Minneapolis.

In other words, all of this is staged.

Lents Park = 116
Portland = 116
Execution = 116

Jesuit Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

Just as it was the case in 2014 with the FedEx shooting, the shooter is 19 years old.

FedEx = 19, Chaos = 19
19, 8th prime number
8 dead

Indianapolis = 75, Order Out of Chaos = 75 *Order = 75

And here was the headline in 2014, a 19-year-old package handler, decked out like Rambo.

And notice how the name of the suspect, Brandon Hole, fits in with the ‘Jesuit Order’, as well as ‘Indianapolis’.

Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation

Outrageous indeed. As someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest and watches the news, I haven’t seen any reported mass shootings in Portland or Seattle, but yet they are pinned on the map here.

And remember, there has been ZERO EVIDENCE of any shootings in any news stories shown since March 16, 2021.


That doesn’t mean none have happened. It just means there is ZERO evidence to prove anything being reported. And for anyone who doesn’t question news media in 2021, well, take a look in the mirror, and realize there is a SERIOUS problem.

News Police State Psychological Operation Shooting

Notice that on April 15, the 105th day of 2021, the headlines were bloated with shootings, including this one, that only involved a police officer.


Washington D.C. is controlled by Jesuits and Masons.

And notice where San Antonio, Texas fits in.

News Police State Politics Psychological Operation Shooting

A 17 year old girl was killed after being shot, on April 15, 2021, the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death. Of course this happened in Illinois, the Land of Lincoln.

And notice how ‘Little Village’ fits in, equating to 56.

Also, on this same day, we get the bodycam footage of the shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, another psyop.

25th? *Death = 25
Jimenez = 37 / 107 *Shooting = 37 / 107
Jimenez = 37 / 35 *Chicago = 37 / 35
Jimenez = 82 *Chicago, Illinois = 82

This news comes on the 105th day of the year, the 14th triangular number.

*Dead = 14 / 14