Melinda Gates is donating $1 billion to women’s abortion rights, May 28, 2024 news

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Recall that Melinda French Gates left the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 94 days before her birthday, on May 13, 2024, and now she is taking up the issue of abortion.

Again, it goes with her and Bill getting married on the first day of 1994, and then Kurt Cobain dying 94 days later. It also goes with Bill’s mom dying in 1994, and his father dying at age 94, on the anniversary of Marget Sanger’s birthday, the founder of Planned Parenthood.

She was born 14/9, and today is the 149th day of the year (the 35th prime) *Satan=35 *Sanger=35
The name ‘Sanger’ also equates to 28, and it is the 28th of May
She died in her 87th year of life *Margaret Sanger=87 *Bill Gates=87
She died on September 6, or 9/6 *William Henry Gates=96

Notice where Margaret Higgins Sanger ties in with abortion.

Seattle is on the 122nd Meridian.

This announcement comes 41 weeks after her August 15 birthday, reminding us that she comes from a family of Jesuits, has the same birthday as the Jesuits, and that the Jesuit suppression lasted 41 years.
Melinda=41 *USA=41 (13th prime) (land of 13 stripes — M, 13th letter)


Today also marks 193 weeks since Bill Gates’ father died (44 months ago). Of course, he was the co-founder of Planned Parenthood. And that pattern goes back to Bill Gates’ mother dying on the 193rd day of his father’s age (193, 44th primeExecution=44, Kill=44, Seattle=44).

That means today is also 79 days before Melinda Gates’ upcoming birthday.

Planned Parenthood=83 & 79 *Murdere=83 & 79
*Society of Jesus=79
-83, 23rd prime
-Today is 23 weeks before the Nov. 5 election

Today is 153 days before Bill Gates’ upcoming birthday. *Jesuit Order=153 *The Illuminati=153

Today is also Bill’s 214th day of his age. *Church of Satan=214
Satanic=122 (Roe v. Wade decided on 1/22)

And for one more, today is 704 days after the June 24, 2022 overturning of Roe v. Wade on Freemasonry’s birthday. *Masonic=74

It goes with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation being across the street from the 74-acre Seattle Center, where the world’s biggest needle is (the Space Needle).

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