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From the author:

"Those who read and finish this book will gain a new skill and set of knowledge that will empower them for the rest of their life, in more ways than can now be appreciated. Without the knowledge contained in the pages ahead there are doors of understanding about the past, present and future that can otherwise not be attained. This knowledge is owed to every person living, adult and child. It is as simple to learn as elementary arithmetic and as deep as time. My intent as your teacher of this age- old secret is to be as clear, logical, honest, evidence based and intriguing as possible. My hope is you will share this knowledge with your family and friends after you finish reading."

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What Does the Book Cover?

15. September 11, 2001, Tarot Cards, Skull & Bones & the Military Industrial Complex

18. Hate - How Racial Division Has Been Programmed by Mainstream Media Purposefully For Decades

21. It Couldn’t Have Been Scripted Any Better- Undeniable Evidence of Rigged Professional & Collegiate Sports

And so much more...

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About Author

Zachary K. Hubbard

Teaching is my passion!  Prior to 2013, I taught in elementary schools, teen homeless shelters and group homes.  It was in that year I discovered Gematria, and since then it has been my mission to help this knowledge reach the world.  Thank you for helping me in that effort!

"As dark as the subject matter can be, you will find that it is also very enlightening and empowering, and even at times fun!  You will also find, the knowledge is as simple as A, B, C is 1, 2, 3."