Medical Police’s January 10, 2020 release, 84 days after Event 201

Coronavirus Entertainment Predictive Programming

The Event 201 coronavirus pandemic simulation took place October 18, 2019, and was focused on an outbreak in Brazil. Notice this show about a conspiracy to release a deadly virus in Brazil released January 10, 2020, 84 days later.
The Jesuit Order = 84 & 201

Let me know if you have time to watch this. It is a “comedy.”

And don’t forget Netflix had just released two shows with Bill Gates about “the next pandemic” at the beginning Covid. Once came before, and one came one day after the first case was confirmed in Seattle.

For one more, this released a span of 62 days from the March 11 pandemic declaration.
Coronavirus Pandemic = 293 (62nd prime)
Medical Police = 62

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