Fred the Godson, New York rapper, dead from coronavirus, April 23, 2020

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MC?  Rapper?  38?  From Tupac, to Notorious BIG to Pop Smoke, to many more, we know the history…

Read about 38 and murder by numbers here:

This man was born Frederick Thomas, summing to 155, like ‘coronavirus’.

Notice the rap artist announced he was sick on April 6, or 4/6, like 46, and now he is dead at 35.  He also died 17-days after the diagnosis.

Both ‘rap’ and ‘svengali’ sum to 35 and 46.

Of course, 46, like April 6, also connects to ‘sacrifice’, ‘virus’ and ‘Fred Thomas’.

And don’t forget April 6 was the 97th day of 2020.

His date of death, April 23, 2020, has 67 date numerology, the blood sacrifice number.

4/23/2020 = 4+23+20+20 = 67

It’s also a date with 47 numerology, connecting to the name, ‘Fred the Godson’.

4/23/20 = 4+23+20 = 47

His birthday was February 22, or 2/22, thus another 222 in the Wuhan Coronavirus ongoing rituals.

Read more about 222 and the virus:

He died on his 62nd day of his age.

Keep in mind his debut album was ‘Armageddon’.

Notice it sums to 46 and 222.

His last album was ‘God Level’, summing to 35, matching his age of death.

Wikipedia has falsely changed his birthday to January 1, which is likely a 113 tribute, because that was 113-days before his reported date of death.

*He is dead on April 23, what is typically the 113th day of the year.