19-year-old Sacred Heart University student dies by suicide, February 1, 2020 +February 3rd news for suicide awareness

Murder by Numbers News

This story to promote the suicide hotline comes February 3, the 34th day of the year.

This young person reportedly committed suicide February 1, 2020, a date with 43 numerology. He could be from the site thispersondoesnotexist.com.

*Notice he is wearing #83 in the picture.

The Red Devils on his jersey also pops out.

*Super Bowl was on 44 date num

*Red Devils = 98; *Kansas City Chiefs = 98

The detail about the 150-foot structure is suspect.  This was the 150th college season that concluded with the LSU Tigers winning, and it was the day before Super Bowl LIV.

The detail about Hudson Yards fits in with the Super Bowl as well.

*Hudson Yards = 49; Super Bowl = 49; NFL = 49; 49ers were losing team.

His name also produces Gematria of 52, a big number in Super Bowl 52, where the 49ers fell to 5-2 in the big game.

He went to ‘Sacred Heart’.  *Heart = 52