Coronavirus Federal Government Murder by Numbers

Notice, his full name, Patrick Estell Jones, sums to 70, like ‘coronavirus’.

He was 49, and died in ‘Oakdale’.

He died April 5, 2020, a date with 49 numerology.

4/5/2020 = 4+5+20+20 = 49

49 fits in with the ongoing ‘Revelation’ theme of the coronavirus headlines.

For one last number encoded in this story that has been coded all over, there is a 102 in Oakdale, Louisiana.

*Slavery = 102 *United States of America = 102 *Social Distancing = 102

Don’t forget this is being compared to the Spanish Flu, which began 102-year earlier, in 1918.

This news comes during the time of ‘passover’.