33 possible Coronavirus infections at The Benjamin School in Florida after Yale visit, January 2019 news



30 students + 3 teachers = 33 people

We know how they love to pair 33 with 74.  In this case, it is ‘The Benjamin School’.

To add on to the 30 and 3 thing, the school is in Palm Beach Gardens (303).

And notice these Florida students believe they might have become infected at Yale.  Hello 2000 Presidential Election, with winner George W. Bush, who attended Yale, and “won” the rigged selection, after it came down to Florida, where his brother was the 43rd Governor of the State.

Florida = 43

Yale = 43

Bulldogs = 43

George W. Bush, #43

George H.W., 43rd Vice President

Jeb Bush, 43rd Governor of Florida