42nd Horse dies at Santa Anita, same day Super Bowl 54 is set, in the “Year of the Black QB”


Recall, the 36th horse died at Santa Anita days before the 36th Breeder’s Cup took place at the track, and then there was a very strange ritual with the 37th horse dying at the Breeder’s Cup. Read more about that here:



This 42nd death came January 19, 2020, the day the 49ers and Chiefs advances to Super Bowl 54, which is interesting for multiple reasons. One, Santa Anita is in California, and 49ers have Gematria of 42 (if you watched the game, their final points were a 42-yard field goal). Two, ESPN called this the year of the black QB, with an article about Mahomes, in September of 2019. If you know your NFL history, you know the only two black QBs to win the Super Bowl were Doug Williams, with 42-points for the Washington Redskins, after tossing 4 TDs in the 2nd quarter, and Russell Wilson, who won it for the 42nd state, Washington (Seahawks = 42). Of course, 42 is the number stamped all over black history, and especially sports history (Jackie = 42). Thus, it is likely that this ritual has much to do with football, and I will think on it further. For now, keep in mind this is the Super Bowl to conclude the 100th NFL season.