Rush Limbaugh says he has cancer, February 3, 2020

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Big news in the world of ‘radio’ on the 34th day of the year.

Of course the year began with the death of Neil Peart of the band Rush, now it is the ball of blabbering lard, Rush Limbaugh, and I’ll add, his departure can’t come soon enough.

Notice #45 got in on the action, on a 45 date numerology.

2/3/2020 = 2+3+20+20 = 45

It was the likes of Rush Limbaugh who help create a culture of shitty enough people to tolerate and even support President Pussy Grabber.

The announcement comes a span of 133-days from the President’s 74th birthday.

As for the likely ritual, notice Rush is from Missouri, and has a January 12, or 1/12 birthday.  Also, his name Gematria sums to 112…

Him being from Missouri matters because the Chiefs won the Super Bowl the day before this news, and they’re from Kansas City, Missouri.

His name also syncs with ‘Kansas City’.

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl on a date with 44 numerology.

2/2/2020 = 2+2+20+20 = 44

Notice how ‘lung cancer’ and ‘cancer’ fits in.