Bashar Jackson, Pop Smoke, dead at 20, February 19, 2020 +Welcome to the Party, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, his TV show Power, Christopher Walken, Angie Martinez, & Teddi Mellencamp

Entertainment History Murder by Numbers

As we have been discussing, 2020 will be a bad year for entertainers because of the gematria of ‘death’, summing to 20, and here is the death of another 20-year-old, who has a “38” rap name.

More on the gematria of ‘Pop Smoke’.

The killing happened at 4:30.

*Below we’ll cover how he died 43-week after the release of the song, ‘Welcome to the Party’.

Two of hip-hops most infamous deaths, Tupac and Notorious BIG, took place on 38 dates.

9/13/1996 = 9+1+3+1+9+9+6 = 38

3/9/1997 = 3+9+1+9+9+7 = 38

There are many more…

Adding to the 38s, the home owner, Teddie Mellencamp Arroyave, is 38-years-old, and the shooting came 133-days before her upcoming birthday, connecting to the gematria of the rapper’s full name, Bashar Barakah Jackson, 133.

The death also comes 233-days after the home owner’s 38th’s birthday, and it was reported that the rapper accidentally put out the address on Instagram, 2033 Hercules Drive. Keep in mind, 233 is the 51st prime (Conspiracy = 51) and 13th Fibonacci (LA = 13 / 41). Further, the name ‘Mellencamp’ sums to 50, and this death comes on the 50th day of 2020.

Speaking of 41, notice he was loaded into ambulance #41.

His birth name is Bashar Jackson, and he is dead on a date with 41 numerology.

2/19/20 = 2+19+20 = 41

He is from Brooklyn.

This happened in LA.  *We just saw the big 41 ritual with Kobe Bryant, who died in L.A.

And they’re blaming his death on a robbery.

At the time of his death, his YouTube channel has 41 videos.

His genre of music is classified as ‘Gangsta Rap’.

He died 41-days after Angie Martinez’s birthday, who he did one of his last interviews with, and in recent days, 50 cent compared himself to Pop Smoke on the Angie Martinez show. More on 50 Cent ahead in light of Pop Smoke dying on the 50th day of the year.

He had a song in tribute to Christopher Walken, titled Christopher Waking, and he died 41-days before Christopher Walken’s upcoming birthday. Keep in mind Christopher Walken was Frank White, King of New York.

Keep in mind Christopher Walken played the character Frank White in King of New York, a gangster film, a character often referenced in hip-hop music, including by the late Notorious B.I.G., who was from Brooklyn, like Pop Smoke.

Also interesting, is that the music video for Christopher Walking was released January 15, or 1/15, like 115, a span of 77-days from Christopher Walken’s 77th birthday.

Next ,the shooting happened on Hercules Drive, keyword Hercules.

The shooting happened in the ‘driveway’, reportedly.

In light of his hit song being Welcome to the Party, consider that he was killed after his house warming part in Beverly Hills, a party that began on February 18, or 2/18.  *Death = 218

That song released April 23, 2019, a date with 46 numerology (the 113th day of the year).

4/23/19 = 4+23+19 = 46

He died 303-days after the release of the song.

Notice it was 43-weeks and days as well. *Killing = 43

The music video for the same song came out May 28, and he died 38-weeks and 1-day after.

Notice TMZ updates their article at 8:03 AM.

Mike Dee is the man holding the bills, this is his instagram:

In light of him just collaborating with Travis Scott on the song Gatti, it is interesting to note that he died 42-weeks and 1-day after Scott’s 27th birthday, in Black History Month. where 42 is the number.

The day prior to Pop Smoke’s death, Esther Scott, 90210 actress, had a heart attack on the 42nd day of the year, February 11, then died 42-weeks and 1-day after her birthday.  Read more about her passing here:

Note, the video with Travis Scott and Pop Smoke released on 12/30, the unique 42 date.  12/30 = 42

The 42 also ties in with Smoke’s latest album, Meet the Woo.

Also, in light of him doing a remix with Nicki Minaj of his hit song, Welcome to the Party, he has died 73-days after her 37th birthday, or on her 74th day of her age.

Don’t forget Pop Smoke was from Brooklyn, New York, the most Jewish neighborhood in the world outside of Israel.  And don’t forget Gematria is a Jewish practice, or that it is Jews who run the industry of mainstream hip-hop.

Pop Smoke has also been compared to 50 Cent, which is interesting, because he is now dead on the 50th day of the year, February 19. Keep in mind 50 Cent’s new TV show just debuted on February 11, the 42nd day of the year, and when 50 Cent got famous, it was from his song, ‘How to Rob’. Even more, both men have the same surname, Jackson, and honestly, look quite a bit alike.

Adding insult to injury, he died 228-days after 50 Cent’s 44th birthday.

With regards to 50 Cent being 44-years-old, his breakout song How to Rob has 44 gematria.

In 50 Cent’s TV show Power, he kills his own son. 50 Cent’s character is Kanan, a play on Cain and Abel, where Cain kills his brother.

Watch the clip here:

And notice that Kanan sums to 41, in light of the fact that the death of Pop Smoke has much to do with 41. Also, think about the name “Pop Smoke” in light of the character Shawn Porter from Power getting smoked by his pops.

Also, don’t forget about the ritual with 77 and Christopher Walken, who was the biggest gangster in King of New York, like how Kanan is the biggest gangster in Power.

From Pop Smoke’s own birthday, July 20, he died 6-months and 30-days later, emphasis on 6 and 3.

And for one last point, the date of this young man’s death is not only on the 50th day of the year, but it is also on the day leaving 316-days remaining.

The Jesus rituals with young black rappers are not uncommon…