Pete Buttigieg announces plan to use infrastructure money to install speed cameras on nation’s interstates, January 27, 2022

Big Tech Federal Government News Police State

Pete Buttigieg wants to use the federal infrastructure money to put speed cameras all over the nation’s interstates to help raise federal revenues even more. So that is how our tax dollars will be used yet again, to build the police surveillance and taxation state. This news broke on January 27, or 1/27.

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Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg confirmed as ‘Transportation Secretary’, February 2, 2021

Catholic Church Federal Government News ‘Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg’ has been confirmed as the ‘Transportation Secretary’, February 2, 2021, in a perfect ritual. Notice how his name equates to 145, going with the position. *Catholic = 145 / 46 *Joe Biden, #46 Pete and many Catholic priests have a lot in common… And don’t overlook his 19/1 birthday, like…

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Pete Buttigieg picked as Transportation Secretary, December 15, 2020

Federal Government News Transgender / LGBTQ

And notice, going with the 35/46 pairing, Pete Buttigieg went to the Catholic High School, Saint Joseph. Speaking of which, read what Pope Francis just wrote in relation to St. Joseph: This news comes December 15, 2020. 12/15/2020 = 12+15+20+20 = 47 And thank goodness CNN reminded us all that Pete Booty-gay is…

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Pete Buttigieg is dropping out of the presidential election, March 1, 2020 news

Politics Secret Societies Transgender / LGBTQ Today, the day of Pete dropping out, is Pete’s 43rd day of his age, 38. You could also say he dropped out 42-days after his birthday. *Freemason = 42 Read these recent “Pete Buttigieg the homosexual” related stories: The other thing that needs to be pointed out, is his campaign ended 322-days after…

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Pete Buttigieg uses 9-year-old boy, Zachary Ro, as prop for homosexual agenda, February 22, 2020, in Denver, Colorado

News Politics Transgender / LGBTQ

A 9-year-old?  That’s still the age for many where boys and girls have cooties… People need to understand that the television is a mind control weapon, and these days, the TV is full of praise for homosexuals, which children will recognize, and then work with the assumption that if they are gay, they will be rewarded…

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Pete Buttigieg responds to Rush Limbaugh’s homophobic remarks, February 16, 2020

Freemasonry History Jewish Related Politics Transgender / LGBTQ

Homophobic? The 59th election is upcoming. Of course the showdown between the homosexual and the radio slob comes on the 47th day of the year, February 16, 2020. Again, 47 is the number in D.C. Notice the emphasized phrase in the headline at the top, ‘I love my husband’. On this same day, the 62nd…

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FAA grounds all flights from 7-9 AM EST on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 after NOTAMS failure

Aviation Federal Government History News

This news breaks on 19 date numerology.1/11/2023 = 1+11+(2+0+2+3) = 19Chaos = 19 It breaks on a Wednesday, the day of the week named after Mercury, the God related with travel. Recall, Osama was born on March 10, or 10/3, like 103.Mercury = 103 And notice where ‘Notice to Air Missions,’ blamed for the failures,…

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