CNN talks about potential hurricane as ‘fantasy storm,’ August 15, 2022

Jesuit Military News Weather

CNN is running this story August 15, 2022, the 70th anniversary of the Royal Air Force causing the Lynmouth flood, as the earliest admitted act of weather warfare. Of course, today is the Jesuit Order’s 488th birthday.Fantasy Storm = 153 / 72Jesuit Order = 153 / 72

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Trump’s “hurricane gun” story sets off Twitter, May 10, 2022

Big Tech Government Military Weather

Donald John Trump is the man for this headline.Donald John Trump = 68 / 185Hurricane Gun = 68 / 185 And while they might not have a “hurricane gun,” they obviously have something similar. Case and point, see what Vice News did to try and downplay the involvement of military manipulation with weather and hurricanes…

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Tornado devastates New Orleans, March 22, 2022, just before hosting March Madness college basketball tournament (Cyclones & Hurricanes)

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New Orleans is impacted by a tornado days before hosting the Final Four for the 83rd men’s college basketball tournament which will begin on April 2 and finish on April 4, 2022.New Orleans, Louisiana = 83Brotherhood of Death = 83-Nickname for 322 Skull and Bones Funny enough two teams in the tournament that still remain…

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Where Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ release, Sunday, August 29, 2021, meets Hurricane Ida hitting Louisiana on the anniversary of Katrina (George Bush doesn’t care about black people)

Catholic Church Jesuit Knights Templar Military Natural Disaster New World Order News Weather

150 MPH, the 150th day, the flood. And once again, New Orleans is in harms way, on the anniversary of Katrina making landfall in 2005. Keep in mind the city is built below sea level, so it was likely not named as such by accident. And keep in mind the calendar and the language are…

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Tropical Storm / Hurricane Ida expected to make landfall, Sunday, August 29, 2021 (and the hype August 27)

Military News Weather

This news comes August 27, 2021, the four year anniversary of Harvey flooding Texas. Recall, today is the 239th day of the year, the 52nd prime, and in 2017, it was a date with 52 numerology as well.Hurricane = 52Flood = 52Earth = 52Enlil = 52 In this case, they’re saying Hurricane Ida will likely…

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Hurricane Henri nearing landfall on northeast United States, August 22, 2021

Military News Weather Notice that Henri is named for flooding, equating to 83, reminding that the biblical flood ends in Genesis 8:3. *Flood = 83 Keep in mind tomorrow, August 23, 2021, will have 52 date numerology, and the likely news coverage will be the flooding of the northeast, caused by Hurricane Henri, with an i.8/23/21 =…

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New York & New England brace for Tropical Storm & Hurricane Henri

News Weather Saturday, August 21, the day it will transition from a tropical storm to a hurricane, is the 233rd day of the year. Notice how ‘Tropical Storm Henri’ fits in. And watch what happens with this system by Monday, August 23, 2021, the date with 52 numerology.Flood = 52Earth = 52Enlil = 52Hurricane = 528/23/21…

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Lightning win Stanley Cup and pick up 52nd win of season, July 7, 2021, the same day Hurricane Elsa passes over

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The Tampa Bay Lightning have won the Stanley Cup in back to back seasons, and this second win comes on a 55 date numerology, exactly 150 days after Super Bowl 55, which Tampa also won, in Tampa. Keep in mind 150 is a biblical number connected to the flood, and today there was flooding in…

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