Chadwick Boseman’s last tweet was August 11, 2020, in support of Kamala Harris

Black Lives Matter Government News Politics On August 11th, the date of the massive ritual with Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, when she was made the VP nominee, the date with 59 numerology… Recall, Kamala is from Oakland, where the Black Panther Party was formed. 8/11/2020 = 8+11+20+20 = 59 8/28/2020 = 8+28+20+20 = 76 Remember, the upcoming election is…

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Trump floats Kamala Harris birther conspiracy, August 13, 2020 | A reminder of Obama’s April 30, 2011 The Lion King joke

Black Lives Matter Federal Government News Predictive Programming We have another 44 “birther” ritual, once again coming from the 44th person to be President, Donald Trump. Birther = 44 *Harris = 44 *Joe Biden = 44 *Obama was #44 This news came August 13, 2020, a date with 61 numerology. 8/13/2020 = 8+13+20+20 = 61 Obama was born in ’61. And don’t…

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Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris on 59th day of Trump’s age, for 59th U.S. Presidential Election, August 11, 2020

Government News Politics

11/8/2020 = 11+8+20+20 = 59 Read more about Biden picking Harris in the 59 ritual here: and here:

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Kamala Harris vs. Joe Biden, June 27, 2020 & the August 11, 2020 VP nomination of Harris by Biden

Federal Government Jesuit News Politics Racism Harris and Biden got into it June 27, 2019, the day leaving 187 days in the year. Those first two debates began June 26, or 26/6, like 266. Biden has picked Kamala Harris on August 11, 2020, his 266th day of his age. From the first debate to election day is a span of…

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Kamala Harris is bothered by the fact that the Vice President’s quarters still aren’t ready, March 27, 2021 news

Federal Government Jesuit News

Kamala Harris is the top news story on March 27, the 86th day of the year. Her husband is a Georgetown professor? Teaching at the nation’s first Jesuit university? This news comes 158 days after her October 20, 2020 birthday, the day she turned 56. Society of Jesus = 56 *Washington DC = 56Jesuits…

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House of Cards, Lupercalia and the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris Narrative

Celebrity Entertainment Esoteric Government News Predictive Programming Rambo's Corner

The wolf (lupus in Latin); a symbol of Rome In many people’s minds Joe Biden’s inability to finish his term as President – and a Kamala Harris Presidency – is virtual certainty; not a matter of if but when. Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions known as Great Conjunctions occur every twenty years and coincide with United States presidential…

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The significance of Kamala Harris stepping down from the Senate on January 18, 2021, Martin Luther King Jr. Day in light of the Boondocks January 15, 2006 “prediction”

Entertainment Federal Government News Predictive Programming

Kamala Harris is stepping down on January 18, 2021, MLK Jr. Day for the year. This matters because the Boondocks predicted we would get the first black female President in 2020 on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, January 15, 2006, a date with 42 numerology. 1/15/2006 = 1+15+20+06 = 42 *Martin = 42 *181, 42nd…

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Joe Biden gets his coronavirus vaccine, January 11, 2021, 52 days after his birthday +Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine & Operation Warp Speed

Coronavirus Federal Government Jesuit News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

January 11th, what a day for a vaccination! It was perfect for the ‘president’ to be as well. This stunt came 52 days after Biden’s birthday as well. Keep in mind ‘Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine’ equates to 266, the same as ‘Operation Warp Speed’, and reminding us how Kamala Harris was picked as Joe Biden’s…

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Vice President-elect Kamala Harris gets the Moderna coronavirus vaccine December 29, 2020, 70 days after her 56th birthday

Celebrity Coronavirus Entertainment Federal Government Jesuit News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Politics

Kamala Harris has received the vaccine on December 29, or 12/29. 1229, 201st prime *Event 201 coronavirus outbreak simulation Today is 70 days after her 56th birthday. *Coronavirus = 56 / 70 Adding insult to injury, she received the Moderna vacccine. Recall the death of James Kamala Harris at age 70, two days before Kamala…

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