President Trump’s due date for $464 million bond is Monday, March 25, 2024

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March 25, 2024, a date with 72 numerology, is 81 days before Donald Trump’s upcoming June 14 birthday. Go figure, the script is that perfect. *3/25/2024=3+25+20+24=72 Recall, Biden and Trump “officially” become the nominees for their parties March 12, 2024. Monday also has 52 date numerology. *3/25/24=3+25+24=52 As we know, ‘president,’ ‘government,’ and ‘White House’…

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Trump takes the stand in defamation trial with E. Jean Carroll, January 25, 2024

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This news comes January 25, 2024, the 45th day of E. Jean Carroll’s age. Today, Trump, #45, said he was defending the legacy of the US Presidency.Ritual=45 Recall, Trump was called the 45th President Elect on November 9, 2016, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, another 45. And let us not forget…

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Mark Meadows in court 25 days after his birthday in Trump indictment, August 22, 2023

Elections Federal Legal News He is 64. And he is more 4. Mark Meadows, M.M. M is the 13th letter. The numerology of 13 is 4. Thus, M.M. is 4.4. Georgia is the 4th state. This is part of Trump’s 4th indictment. MLK from Atlanta. MLK smoked on 4/4.It’s a long fateful pattern.Mark Meadows, M.M. M is the…

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Donald Trump to surrender at Fulton County Jail, Thursday August 24, or Friday, August 25, 2023

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Fulton County Jail = 88Trump = 88 He is expected to turn himself in Thursday, August 24, or Friday, August 25. The 24th is his 72nd day of his age, and the 25th is 72 days after his birthday.Jesuit Order = 72President Trump = 72President Biden = 72 Remember, there is a parallel with…

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Donald Trump reinstated by Twitter on 25th day of the year, January 25, 2023

Big Tech Celebrity Elections Federal News Notice, all the “classified documents” hoarders have the 25 connection, including Trump. Today is a span of 110 days from Mark Zuckerberg’s May 14 birthday.President = 110 It is also 109 days prior.109, 29th primeTrump = 25 / 29 Keep in mind today can be written 25/1, like 251.Jesuit Order = 54

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Wal-Mart, the Pope & Pence vs. Trump make top headlines, July 25, 2022

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This news comes on the 25th, and notice all the top headlines. The Pope, Pence vs. Trump, and Wal-Mart. How fitting. #Gematria Don’t forget how we called Georgia over Alabama on the Pope’s 25th day of his age in the championship game before Week 2 of the season was even played. Of course Georgia picked…

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Ivana Trump, ex-wife of Donald Trump, dead at 73, 144-days after her birthday (and on the 258th day of Ivanka’s age), July 14, 2022

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I just finished talking about why today, July 14, or 14/7, is a perfect day for Trump to be in the news.There are 147 windows at the White HousePresident of the United States = 147US President = 147Freemason = 147-Freemasonry = 58-Secret Society = 58-Solomon’s Temple = 58-Rosicrucian = 58-Jerusalem = 58 (Where Biden just…

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Mary Miller, in front of Donald Trump, says Roe v. Wade overturning was a victory for “white life,” June 25, 2022

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Recall, the decision had a lot to do with 54.John Roberts = 144 / 54Jesuit Order = 144 / 54Mary Miller = 144 / 54-The decision (5-4) came a span of 54-days from the May 2 memo leak This ritual also came on George Orwell’s birthday, a reminder that his book 1984 became the Amazon…

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