Video of Will Smith slapping Russian prankster resurfaces on March 28, 2022, the 87th day of the year

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This news broke on the 87th day of the year.Russia = 18+21+19+19+9+1 = 87 Funny how the news always breaks by the numbers. And funny how his recent slap at the 94th Oscars was the same event where Sean Penn said Ukraine’s leader Zelensky needed to be a part of it. The slap was…

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Oscar ratings up 56% from last year after Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock, March 27, 2022

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56%? Society of Jesus = 56 15.3 million viewers? Jesuit Order = 153 / 144 / 72 / 54-72 date numerology 3+27+20+22 = 72-Dolby Theater = 54-Puff Daddy, Will Smith & Chris Rock mediator on 144th day of his age

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Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock heard around the world at the 94th Academy Awards, March 27, 2022

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Read about Sidney Poitier’s death, as well as Will Smith of the Saints, in relation to this ritual: This staged scene between two actors was to remind people you can’t have a sense of humor about anything anymore, not even if you’re a comedian. And it came on the same night Will Smith won “Best…

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Will Smith Apology: The Destruction of Venus and the Heart

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On Friday July 29th Will Smith formally apologized in video, to Chris Rock, for his world famous, historical slap of Rock at the 94th Academy Awards. The first anomaly here is that the apology is occurring a full 4 months after the transgression occurred. Of course the primary question that Smith faced is why he…

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Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock, July 29, 2022

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This apology comes International Tiger Day, in the Year of the Tiger, July 29, 2022, a span of 125-days from the March 27, 2022 slap. Read about the March 27, 2022 slap here. This comes on a date with 58 numerology, July 29, 2022.7/29/22 = 7+29+22 = 58Chris Rock = 58Freemasonry = 58Secret Society =…

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Will Smith blocked from Academy events for 10-years, April 8, 2022 news (where Six Degrees of Separation, Giordano Bruno & the Unicursal Hexagram)

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This news comes April 8, or 4/8, like 48… Recall, the ‘slap’ ritual over Chris Rocks’ ‘GI Jane 2’ joke came 48-days after the comedian’s birthday.Slap = 48GI Jane = 2-Hollywood = 48-Freemason = 48-Illuminati = 48—The Illuminati was founded with 13 families—From March 27 (slap date) to today is a span of 13-days April…

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Chris Rock returns to stage after the fake Oscar slap that has all the morons talking, March 30, 2022

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After being fake slapped on the 86th day of the year at the Oscars, March 27, 2022, Chris Rock makes his return three days later at Boston’s Wilbur Theater.Boston’s Wilbur Theater = 86In the Heat of the Night = 86-Sidney Poitier’s famous slap scene As for the name of the tour, it fits in…

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Venus Williams turned pro in ’94 and Will Smith wins Best Actor at 94th Oscars for portraying her father

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In light of Will Smith participating in the huge “94” slap ritual with Chris Rock, at the 94th Oscars that came 41-days after King Richard’s birthday, it should be noted that Venus William turned pro in ’94, and is 41-years-old at the time of the ritual. *Venus Williams = 179 (41st prime) The award ceremony…

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