A Jewish sociologist born in Switzerland, dead in New York, at 74, March 28, 2020 +March 31 news

Coronavirus Jewish Related Murder by Numbers News

So we have a dead 74-year-old Jewish man from Switzerland, who wrote nearly 20 books, and his death is blamed on the coronavirus. Of course this news comes on a date with 74 numerology.

3/31/2020 = 3+31+20+20 = 74

They’re reporting he died March 28, the 88th day of the year. Notice how his name William Helmreich sums to 88, like Jewish.

Don’t forget Event 201 took place in New York, October 18, 2019, the day leaving 74-days left in the year, simulating a deadly coronavirus outbreak.

The news of William’s death was saved for March 31, a date that can be written 3/31, like 331, the 67th prime, or 31/3, like 313, the 65th prime.

Of course, 65 is an important number in the ongoing ‘pandemic’, lead by institutions out of Switzerland, such as the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum.  Keep in mind, this is a banker lead agenda, and Switzerland is where the banks are. Also, be sure to read up on the ‘Knights Templar’ another 65 society, with their fingerprints all over this ordeal.