Abigal Disney is disappointed her family’s company invested in the rich, but not in its workers, during the time of the coronavirus crisis, April 22, 2020 news

Coronavirus Financial News

I see why they emphasized ‘What the actual f—?’ in regards to ‘Disney’.


This story about ‘furloughs’ comes on a date with 46 numerology. *Virus = 46

4/22/20 = 4+22+20 = 46

It comes 89-days after her birthday as well. *Virus = 89

Notice she is based out of Los Angeles, California, summing to 89, like ‘virus’.

The news comes April 22, a date with 26 and 46 numerology.

4/22 = 4+22 = 26

4/22/20 = 4+22+20 = 46

In other words, it is more coronavirus news by the numbers, and once again reminding us this scam is hurting regular folks much more than the wealthy investor class.