Amazon warehouses are getting hit with coronavirus in New York after first incident in Queens +Spanish Flu history

Coronavirus News

11?  New York the 11th state…  And March 11, the date the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, and the date in 1918, that Spanish Flu reached Queens, New York.

Notice the first case of coronavirus in an Amazon warehouse was in Queens, which reminds this is called the coronavirus, meaning “crown” virus.

The name Queens, New York also factors in with the 11s mentioned in the article.

*Amazon = 29 (29 is 11 in numerology, 2+9 = 11)

Keep in mind the number 121 has been coded all over this outbreak, which began in the U.S. on January 21, or 1/21, and the number 121 has a square root of 11, the master number.