Robert Chapek is taking over as CEO of the Walt Disney Company, possibly the most evil company on the planet.  He will become the seventh CEO of Disney.  Today is a fitting date for him to take over, a date with 67 numerology.

2/25/2020 = 2+25+20+20 = 67

*There is limited information available on Bob Chapek

*67, 19th prime *Bob = 2+15+2 = 19 (Bob for Bob)

Remember, Disneyland opened in 1955, emphasis on ’55.

Both men are Ashkenazi Jews, thus of the Synagogue of Satan.

Moving on, take a peek at this headline below, which points out the $47.5-million salary Robert Iger was receiving.

2/25/20 = 2+25+20 = 47

Beast = 2+5+1+19+20 = 47


February is a fitting month for the Walt Disney Co. to make a big move.