Atlanta Mayor asks Georgians to stay home after Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to begin reopening the state, April 20, 2020

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Read prior post on Brian Kemp’s April 20, 2020 call to reopen the state:

Her response comes 94-days after her birthday, and one day after Brian Kemp’s April 20 remarks about reopening some businesses in the state, this Friday, on April 24.

That means Kemp’s remarks were 93-days after Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms birthday.

Of course, 93 is a relevant number to black history, even connecting to Tuskegee.

*Notice the mention of 201 in the Tuskegee experiments, in light of Event 201, the coronavirus outbreak simulation, of October 18, 2019.  Of course, in that simulation, they discuss governments opening up too early, and causing the disease to spread to poor populations in large cities, which begins a process of rapid deaths from the virus in these same communities.

Now, continuing with our list of 93…

Don’t forget MLK, from Atlanta, Georgia.

MLK and Malcolm X only met one time in history, a date with 93 numerology, March 26, 1964.

3/26/64 = 3+26+64 = 93

Don’t forget that Atlanta is home of the CDC, and in the TV show Containment, which ended on the 201st day of 2016, July 19 (COVID-19???), part of the storyline is a virus is purposefully unleashed on the city of Atlanta, for experimentation purposes. Read more here:

In light of Atlanta being a predominantly black city, listen to Agent 201, Bill Gates, talk about how the virus is harming black people at greater rates for unknown reasons (star listening at 12:10):