Authorities no longer certain Lancaster, California teen was killed by coronavirus (the reported first juvenile death from virus in nation)

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This story is full of so much shit, they can’t even keep the date of death right from paragraph to paragraph.  Did he die Tuesday, or Wednesday as the Mayor says?

Notice this story of an unnamed teen comes out of Lancaster, a good place for ‘propaganda’.

*Lancaster = 30 *Corona = 30

If he did die Tuesday, he died on a date with 67 numerology.  If it was Wednesday, it was a date with 68 numerology.  Either way fits the reporting by the numbers scheme being used against us.

3/24/2020 = 3+24+20+20 = 67

3/25/2020 = 3+25+20+20 = 68

*Blood Sacrifice = 67 *Kill = 17 *Teen = 17 (17-year-old)