Banned from YouTube | The funny thing about Sandy Hook’s football championship, December 14, 2019, the 7-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass shooting

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This video was banned 77-days after the December 14, 2019 game and story. A core message in the video is the Jewish / Zionist movement against freedom of speech, and this proves further than I’m dead on.

You’ll notice in the video, the number 112 is the theme, in the Jewish / Zionist operation that was Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas, and a number of others.

Jack Street throws the winning TD, eh, on the anniversary of Sandy Hook, eh?

Read more about 112 and Sandy Hook here:

And how about that winning score of 13-7, after 7 late points on the 7 year anniversary of Sandy Hook?  It was ‘Riley’ who caught the winner for ‘Newtown’.

For one more 33, they beat ‘Darien’.

The last title was 27-years earlier.  Ritual = 27