Bear Bryant & Kobe Bryant | How history repeats itself by the numbers


What are the odds of this?

Bear Bryant, one of the greatest football coaches of all-time, died January 26.

Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest NBA players of all-time, died January 26.

Of course, ‘Bryant’ and ‘Bear’ sum to 26, the ‘God’ number.

Remember when Nick Saban tied Bear Bryant with his ‘sixth’ championship?

He beat Georgia with 26 points.

And don’t forget it was #6 who caught the winning TD, on a 41-yard-pass from #13 to #6.

41, 13th prime —- 13, 6th prime

And don’t forget God makes mankind on the sixth day, in the 26th verse.

Notice Kobe died 37-years after Bear Bryant, in Los Angeles.

Remember, Kobe died on his 157th day of his age, the 37th prime.

The 62nd Grammy’s were in the Staples Center, where the Lakers play, the day Kobe died.

And Bear Bryant coached in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

It’s interesting to note that Bear Bryant’s full name sums to 74, and Kobe has died during the 74th NBA season (in the 74 / 33 ritual as covered).

Notice Bear Bryant died 137-days after his birthday, or on the 138th day of his age.

137, the 33rd prime number.

33 and 138 connects to Mandorla, a spiritual name for the shape of the football.

And notice Bear Bryant died in ’83, the great ‘football’ coach.

Thus, Kobe and Bear Bryant both died in 33 / 74 rituals.

Those of course originate with Jesus, on the cross, at 33.

And don’t forget, out of the 50 states, only one sums to 74, the 33rd state, Oregon, abbreviated OR.

Masonic = 74; Occult = 74; Jewish = 74; Gematria = 74; English = 74

And here’s the play that won Nick Saban his sixth championship, tying the Bear.

Again, it was a 41-yarder… the 13th prime…

Kobe, dead at 41, with his daughter, dead at 13.

And for one last point, Bear Bryant began coaching Alabama in ’58.